Attention Deficit in a Young Child with Social Skill Issues – A testimonial

“I will always be indebted to Dr. Sonal for working with me to help my son overcome many impairments. He was diagnosed with AS and put on Ritalin for his hyperactivity & poor attention span – I was desperately looking for an alternative approach that would show results. Dr. Sonal was extremely open to new information, took the time & trouble to understand the syndrome and my child’s behaviour. She was committed enough to attend parent workshops on autism & verbal behaviour – and it showed. With Dr Sonal’s treatment not only did he come off the Ritalin, my son began to sit & attend to tasks, his attention span improved; he was more focused & compliant; verbal skills improved and he became more social. Also, her treatment for my allergies to dust and weather change has been very effective. I would have coughing attacks which continued into the wee hours of the morning. Allopathy just wouldn’t work. Homoeopathy has helped build up my immunity. We wish Dr. Sonal all the best!”

Carol M, Mother and Special Educator , Jan 2002

Much research and clinical verification  has been done in the past few years on the efficacy of Homeopathy treatment in Attention problems and  ADD

Please click on the clinks below to read more on the research

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