Homoeopathic Treatment of young Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

It is very often seen that children with Asperger’s Syndrome, between the ages of 9- 11 begin to have problems at school at the social and discipline level. This behaviour may also persist at home. What appear to be behavioural problems are basically due the child’s deficit in social skills, lack of under standing of social cues, difficulty in abstract thought at the academic level; a subtle realization of the fact that they are different from other children of their peer group level and inappropriate methods to compensate. Some teenagers with Asperger’s syndrome can develop the clear signs of an anxiety disorder e g panic attacks and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression with thoughts of suicide or aggression that may lead to expulsion from school. Constitutional Homoeopathic Treatment at this stage has shown wonderful results. As the child becomes calmer more relaxed and less anxious. He learns to handle life better. As awareness of the environment improves the child is able to understand the situation better and Frustration tolerance is improved. He can handle stress with out the need for ‘Acting -out’ as much as before. As concentration improves academics become easier. Reduced dependency on Routine as an obsession is reduced so that it does not interfere with daily life.
Communication also improves. All this results in Improved self-esteem which is a strong backbone for any individual.

Case of a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome

Child M. D age 11yrs. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome was brought to the clinic for severe maladjustment at school. MD had always been exceptionally good in academics esp. science and maths though needed help with languages. He was distractible but could concentrate on interested subjects. He had recently begun to behave very badly in the classroom situation. He would yell loudly in class. Laugh loudly inappropriately during the prayer session. Pour water over his books. Talk back rudely to the teacher. Answer irrelevantly. Sudden sprees of running around hitting the other children. Most techniques were to divert everyone attention towards him. His grades slipped and he was almost failing. At home the behaviour was more stubborn, inciting the mother or grandmother. Obsessive towards time based routine. Threatening to hurt himself. Rage sessions for minor or unknown reasons. Bed-wetting had also begun

Homoeopathic Medication was begun on 1/11/02
Follow up 8/11/02
First indication of improvement was that during the festival of lights ” Diwali’ which is accompanied by cacophony of fire crackers. The child was calm and could handle the noise as compared to earlier when he would shriek with fear cover his ears and cling to the mother. The inappropriate laughter reduced. On conversing with the child he seemed more attentive. MD repeated questions less frequently. His concentration had improved.

Summary of Follow up visits from 16/11/02 to 8/3/03
The child is calmer and happier in the school classroom environment. His grades are back up to ‘A’s and ‘ B’s. More responsible studies on his own. Mother says his understanding has improved. He is able to express himself better. Comprehends questions asked better. Bed-wetting has stopped. For a while his obsessions moved from time-based routine to certain science books- that too is better now. Overall MD is now a Happy child with good self-esteem doing well in academics and also making a few friends in the class though more with female classmates as he has realized they are more exceptive to his different personality.

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