Homeopathic Treatment for Sensory Issues and Hyperactivity in a Child with Autism

Dear Dr. Sonal,
“First of all let me thank you for being sincerely involved in Rohan’s treatment. Rohan had autism and was a very hyperactive child with minimal speech since the age of 3 years. Rohan has built an excellent rapport with you in a year during which you have been giving him homeopathic medication. To begin with he used to be moderately withdrawn, had self stimulatory behaviour like hand flapping and had a minimal vocabulary of about 10 words. He started taking homeopathy from you in December 1999 and has shown a few definite changes:

His eye contact has improved considerably and is more aware of his surroundings and is oriented with time, e.g. today, tomorrow, morning, night, etc. His ability to understand and rationalize a situation has improved. He listens when being explained.
Speech is gradually coming up to form 3 word sentences. Sleep pattern is better, sleeps through the night. Appetite is good and has learnt to eat different kinds of food. Hypersensitivity to sound is 25% better, his ability to tolerate sounds has improved. He is now in the active range he can sit in a place if kept occupied with constructive work.
Rohan is more social- he greets people, enjoys social situations and initiates play with other children in his group. I will keep you informed of further changes as the treatment progresses”. – Swati. P ( Mumbai, 2000)


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