Homeopathic treatment of Enlarged tonsils – Testimonial

Healthy Tonsil after Homeopathic Treatment

Healthy Tonsil after Homeopathic Treatment

Healthy Tonsil after Homeopathic Treatment

“My five-year old daughter used to suffer from severe throat infections almost 6 to 7 times in a year accompanied by high fever. Allopathic medicines whilst controlling a particular attack could not prevent the recurrence. The child was also a very poor eater. After commencing homeopathic treatment from Dr. Sonal the frequency and intensity of these infections has substantially reduced and even when she picks up these from school, the fever / infection is controlled by homeopathic medicines. In view of the widely reported problems with using antibiotics, it is heartening to have an alternative to allopathy which is not only safe and curative, but also preventive. We are very grateful to Dr Sonal for helping us and our daughter so effectively.” –

S. Sujatha (Bahrain).

Dr. Sonal’s comments: “When I first saw Sujata’s daughter , her tonsils were so enlarged that she would prefer to drink liquids and avoid solid food which she found difficult to swallow. Now with subsequent improvement she eats a variety of food and has good weight gain”.

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