Homoeopathic Treatment of Young Adult with Autism

Nihar is a 20yr old young man, a skilled Hindustani Music artiste and an enthusiastic swimmer. Nihar was diagnosed Autistic at age 3 1/2. Years of Therapy, Hard and Smart work on behalf of his mother and teachers have brought him a long way. Nihar began Homoeopathic Treatment a year ago. These are the changes noticed by his mother with Homoeopathy:

Nihar has in the past had severe problems with Rage tantrums. As he grew older with Therapies they have come under control. A level of irritability still existed which would hamper progress at work and at home. With Dr. Sonal’s Homoeopathic Treatment I found the Nihar was able to control the irritability much better. This was a big boon for him as he was more amenable to being taught new things at work and more flexible to different situations.
A sense of Enthusiasm has come up in wanting to do new things. He is eager to learn . This learning readiness is at the social, independence and academic level.
He has begun reading from the blackboard. Nihar began to read words 10months ago and has progressed to reading 3-4 word sentences in English and in Marathi. In the past he was disinterested.
 In terms of Socialization. Nihar, now wants to mingle with people; initiates conversation. He is able to handle the presence of a crowd much better
Nihar’s speech is now more spontaneous. He is trying to use words in different ways .
His Left-Right Co-ordination has improved tremendously.
Co-ordination during Swimming has improved.
His awareness of the surrounding environment has improved to such a wonderful extent that he now goes 2 streets down to get a haircut on his own. A few years ago this was unimaginable that he would go on his own.”                 ( On crowded Mumbai streets, this involves awareness and skillful avoidance of traffic, people, potholes and animals. Crossing the road is an adventure for even regular adults in Mumbai)

–        Shobana Godbole (Nihar’s Mother) Mumbai, India, 2001


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