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“I have known Dr. Sonal since the last 5 years as a Consultant Homeopath ‘par excellence’.  She has successfully treated a number of cases I have referred to her, including my family and myself. Her comprehensive approach towards her patients and her sound clinical acumen make her the successful consultant that she is today.”

Dr. Nishikant J. Borse, M.S. F.M.R.F
Vitero-Retinal Surgeon
Wockhardt Eye Hospital, Associate Hospital of Harvard Medical International
Mumbai (22nd April 2004)

“…Her excellent clinical judgement and scientific reasoning, which is the basis of her medication, always has a positive impact on the problem. What appealed to me most was her sincere and rational approach to dealing with different behavioural and emotional issues in children with developmental issues.”

Anjali Joshi
Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy School
King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

Dr Sonal is a truly world-class homeopath.”

Graeme Bradshaw, Senior Naturopath , Koi Samui, Thailand


Holisitc Hongkong Review Date: 2008-04-26

Dr Sonal was instrumental in helping my son who had a number of physical and neurological problems. Over approximately 4 months she made such a difference to his ability to speak, his posture and his general health. She has a real knack with children and clearly has experience because each new medicine she administered would have a noticeable positive effect. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Toni B, Mother and Banking Professional Hong Kong

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