Adult with Chronic tonsillitis – a testimonial

Throat Pain

Already long time I felt that something was wrong with my throat. It was hurting and I felt with my tongue some strange spots there. The spots were really annoying. Tried to get rid of them. Unfortunately that did not happen. Sometimes the spots got off but after a while I got new ones. Because of the spots I had also mouth odor. I also felt very tired, powerless and slack.

I didn’t want to take any school medicine as I didn’t feel me that “sick” but I knew that something was wrong with me. One of my friends told me about Dr Sonal at IMI and I made my first appointment: diagnosis Tonsillitis, which I have had for a while already. After that I went there regularly and got their medicine. Every time my tonsils were better and every time I felt better.

Now, perhaps after 6 Months, my tonsillitis is healed and that is a great feeling. I don’t have any annoying spots and any bad breath. I feel the energy in me and enjoy my life again. To heal illnesses with homeopathy does take longer time but I’m convinced that for me it is the right way to heal illnesses and to destroy the cause and not only the symptoms.

Pippa H, Mother and Fitness Instructor, Hong Kong , Jan 2009

Many adults wake up daily feeling tired and exhausted. Throat pain may be dull or non existent. They tend to catch colds easily as there is a chronic infection in the throat. On More information Please refer to my article on tonsillitis. The other cause for unrefreshed sleep is nasal allergies. Please refer to the allergy section for the same- Dr. Sonal

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