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Over the years I have been  blessed to see the healing of behavioural and emotional issues in children through homoeopathic treatment. The lasting emotional health given by this natural system of medicine is little known and I would like to share my experiences with you. Having worked with many many different children with diverse issues ranging from anxiety, acting-out and emotional issues due to home environment, to children diagnosed with Learning disability and with Autism Spectrum Disorder; I have seen that timely homoeopathic treatment can resolve the problem safely without the use of mind-altering chemicals.
In this series of article where I will show case studies  from my past work, I will discuss common issues such as
Acting –Out
Anxiety issues
Anger and Rage issues
Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Oppositional Defiant  Disorder.

In this article I would like to discuss the common issue of Children Acting –Out especially in School. This is very common between the ages of 9-11 . Many times the cause could be subconscious unresolved issues oran undiagnosed learning disability . Some of the cases that I have stated have a diagnosis attached. Homeopathy works well  in Neuro-typical children as well as those diagnosed with developmental situations. I prefer talking about the more  complicated cases as it give you an idea of the depth of homoeopathic healing.

Acting-out and  Phobias in a a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome

Child aged 11yrs 6 months diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome just a few months before. Lee’s mother’s main worry was his discipline problem in school With Lee the complaints from school were that he would disrupt class. Making noises during prayer time to make the other children laugh. Emptying a bottle of ink on the floor again and again  to gain what he thought was the social acceptance of his giggling class mates.. He had become stubborn and uncooperative. Lee was always very sensitive to noise and panicked at thee sound of fire-crackers.
A very intelligent child , who loved space science, was more interested in asking questions, not really listening to the answers. Irrelevantly laughing out loud at times. Mother said he was obsessed with time and reading the clock. He was quite manipulative and would trouble his grandmother more as she was a timid person.
Lee had severe dryness of the lips and would constantly drink water. Bed-wetting  was a regular issue . Academically very good he traveled with his science books but was easily bored with other subjects.
Homeopathically Hyoscymus was  indicated and given  on 1/11/02
8/11/02   this week was crucial as it was also Diwali time in India. A time for firecrackers and lots of noise. The mother happily reported that for the first time in his life Lee had not over reacted to the firecrackers. His unexplained laughter had also reduced. On conversing with the child it was obvious that he was more attentive than the last week. Concentration in the conversation was more and he answered questions more appropriately. Licking lips and drinking water obsessively was the same

16/11/02 School began this week. Lee  was quiet at first, and then began his pranks. He was behaving better at home. Bed-wetting had also reduced. Thirst also reduced. Hyoscymus was repeated

Lee has begun doing well in school. Bed wetting once in the last month

28/12/02 Lee  has begun to understand the feeling of others. This was non-existent before.

11/1/03 He has begun to do better in comprehension type questions in school. Recall, which has deficient before, is improving.

As we continued the medicine over the next few months the changes seen in the child were.
He began to study on his own. Complete writing work in school.
Behaviour improved at school and home. Appropriate jesting had begun.

(Many children with Asperger’s go through a difficult phase from age 9 to 11 yrs. The child begins to realize that he /she is different from other children. Socialization does not come naturally at the same time he wants to fit in with his peer group. Many times he tries inappropriate behaviours, which the child thinks, will help him fit in.)

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