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Homeopathy can be taken as an alternative to conventional painkillers in most situations. It is safe for children, in pregnancy, breast feeding mothers, old age and terminal illness .  Homeopathic medication can be given along with pain-killers  in conditions where analgesics cannot be stopped. As the Homeopathy strengthens the body, it responds more effectively to minimal doses of the analgesic . This helps the physician reduce the dosage of the analgesic, preventing unwanted side-effects of long-term pain relief medication.

Homeopathic remedies control pain by healing the body holistically  and reducing the pathology in the specific area of the pain. E.g- In Tennis elbow. Homeopathy not only  takes care of the tendonitis but also strengthens the tendons  reducing recurrence.

Homeopathic medicines need to be individually prescribed to the unique pattern of symptoms. A complete Homeopathic case history is taken and the ‘Constitutional remedy’is prescribed.  This remedy heals the body preventing recurrence in illness such as headaches, sprains,  and slows down  progress in chronic illness such as in  osteoarthritis. Remedies that deal with acute pain are prescribed on the basis of location, pathology, type of pain experienced by the patient and modalities that aggravate or alleviate a pain. The names of some commonly indicated remedies have been mentioned in this article for  information purposes only.
Sinus Headaches caused by  infection, allergy and  pollution levels yield to homeopathy. The indicated homeopathic remedy   takes care of infection and inflammation at the sinus level  and at the same time strengthens the body. The healthier body starts responding appropriately to infection and pollutants reducing the incidence of  sinusitis.  Remedies like Silicea and . Kali bichromicum  work by reducing  sinus pain and healing the sinuses.
Homeopathy balances hormonal and biochemical issues that contribute to migraine. It also reduces the effect of food triggers on the system. It helps de-stress the person at the level of mind and body which is huge contributing factor. Of the many homeopathic remedies that help in persons with migraine, Pulsatilla works in  women with hormonal issues and monthly migraine headaches. Iris Versicolour  is effective in headaches with visual disturbances  brought on by eating sweets. Natrum Mur works wonders in children with recurrent headaches.
Repetitive stress injuries are work and sport related . Homeopathic medicines heal and strengthen specific areas of our locomotor system.
Calcarea phosphorica  is great at reducing  stiffness and soreness of the  muscles and joints. Hypericum reduces pain significantly in  RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with inflammation of the nerves resulting in  numb hands and wrist pain in the morning radiating to upper arm pain. For further healing in  RSI,  complete case taking and constitutional treatment are required.

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