Homeopathic Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD – A Testimonial

When my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder & ADHD (mild) I decided to seek more natural gentle ways of helping him.  I came across Dr. Sonal and have never looked back.  In almost a year of being treated homeopathically, my son has gone from strength to strength. His school work has improved, his concentration levels have skyrocketed, His previous need for climbing has disappeared. He sits well for a meal.  He has gained weight & height and  is a much happier boy in general. He can even express his emotions better.
In fact after only one week on the drops, his teacher commented to me what a remarkable week my son had at school, and what ever we were doing, keep doing it! And at that stage she didn’t know what we were doing.

It has been an ongoing journey of regular updates and revising of remedies to keep on top of things but we look forward to the visits to Dr. Sonal.  I dont think my son would be the happy confident little boy he is today without Dr. Sonal and her “magic drops” as my son calls them.

I simply cannot recommend and thank Dr. Sonal enough for what she has done for us.  I just wish I had of found her sooner!

M.R,    Discovery bay, Hong Kong ( May2010)

( The child had recurrent nose bleeds and headaches which have virtually disappeared. His sensory issues came under control  within a few weeks of starting homeopathy. He went up to his mother and gave her  the best description a 7 yr old can give of a new level of physical comfort. He  said  “My body feels happy”- Dr. Sonal )

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