Itchy or Attention Deficit – Mother’s testimonial

Report of A.F aged 3 yrs and 4 months
It started with a phone call..
We had been away in the UK for three weeks and had been delayed a further week due to the volcanic ash situation, so A hadn’t been to school for one month.  During our final week we were staying in the City where the pollution was really bad and we were out walking a lot.  A’s eczema was the worst it had ever been.

We got back and he went straight back to school.  Within 30 minutes of him arriving his teacher called me and asked for a meeting to discuss A.  He had some concerns.

He was concerned / angry about A’s behaviour and inability to concentrate.  He felt that A was having developmental problems.  He specifically said that it wasn’t that A was unable to listen but he felt A didn’t understand any instructions at all.  Let me point out – all instruction is in English and A is a native english speaking child.  At home he was doing great, speaking, writing, reading books.  But at school he wasn’t showing interest.  His attention span was poor.

Every mother needs to know their child is ‘normal’ but the Teacher felt A had a learning disability and possibly ADHD.  He wanted me to get A checked out by a psychologist but I decided to go  straight to Dr. Sonal for advice.

Dr. Sonal wanted to tackle A’s eczema first as she felt the constant discomfort and itching would be ruining his ability to concentrate.  After observing his behavior, she felt that he was hypersensitive to food, his environment and certain products and chemicals.  She advised a blood test which confirmed severe allergies to eggs, nuts, dairy and a mild allergy to gluten.  We took homeopathic  medication and made immediate adjustments to A’s diet.

The first two weeks saw a major improvement in his skin condition and within the first week he voluntarily potty trained – going to the toilet by himself.  So far he had fiercely resisted taking off his nappy and when we had taken it off for days or weeks on end he did not sense when he needed to go. But within a week we were seeing a lot more sitting down and calm behavior.

Now after a further 2 weeks A’s skin is absolutely clear but further more it is super soft like a baby’s skin should be.  It glows and he looks lovely.

Previously A always had very puffy eyes, especially beneath his eyes but now there is no puffiness and you can see the natural shape of his eyes.

At school we are getting no more negative feedback.  A is the youngest in his year so it’s difficult to compare his development but he is learning everything really fast and a meeting with his future teacher  confirms he is ready for school in September.

( This bright active little child was covered from head to toe with eczema. Just sitting on the floor he would scratch rub his arms and legs on the carpet for relief. At this level of discomfort it is difficult for anyone to concentrate. It’s best to alleviate such symptoms first before proceeding to any formal  evaluation. – Dr. Sonal)

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