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To progress well  in school, a child requires to  have

  • a good level of health,
  • healthy emotions,
  • an ability to focus on a task
  • a positive view of self and school
  • supportive classroom and home environment.

Weaknesses in the these areas , recurrent ill health, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, inability to focus, negative moods, all  affect school performance.

There is much awareness on helping a child for his individual needs. Specific learning disabilities are identified.  Parents, Class and Sp.Ed. Teachers, Occupational, Speech therapists, Psychologists, Developmental Pediatrician’s are more likely to work together to help the child.

Where does Homeopathy come in.

Even with the best support network in place we find –

  • Recurrent Ill-health prevents the child from  attending sessions.
  • The program  does  not  work as quickly as expected, it  plateaus, or in rare cases  does not help at all.
  • Allergies can make a child restless and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to sit still with itchy skin or a constantly itchy nose.
  • Digestive issues, food intolerance can affect a child’s nutritional state and the quality of
  • sleep. This reduces enthusiasm to attend to any task.
  • Some  behavioral issues and sensitivities come in the way of a proper educational evaluation.
  • Homeopathically, quick results are seen in children with unexplainable Anxiety, Phobias, Anger issues. Obsessive Compulsiveness and Oppositional defiant behaviours
  • The child’s behaviors are affecting the classroom learning environment, homework time, sleep. Parent’s would prefer to use natural proven  remedies first
  • To minimize the side effects of conventional drugs. Parents would want to use as little of the conventional medication  as possible.
  • The child is already on a psychiatric medication but some of the issues haven’t resolved. Other situations may have intensified during the  withdrawal period of the drug. Commonly seen are temper tantrums, oppositional defiance, sleep issues, appetite and nutritional loss.

What To Expect With Homeopathy.

1. After taking a detailed history . The appropriate remedy is prescribed for the presenting complaint . The first follow-up is in 1 or 2 weeks. Changes are seen within a few weeks if not days.
Initially we start with daily doses of the Homeopathic remedy. Depending on the progress this can be modulated to weekly , fortnightly and then monthly doses. In about 60% of the cases within a few months the homeopathic can be completely withdrawn. (depending on the case, auxiliary help from O.T or Special Ed. may need to continue)

2. The child’s body responds better to the same or lower level of  conventional medication avoiding the need to increase the chemical interference in the body. This is of special importance in children on anti-epileptics, thyroid and similar required medications
This is seen in all ages – quantitative results are seen in person’s on antiepileptics who still get convulsions. In diabetics or hypertensive patients who are on regular medication and start to help their body with homeopathy-  as the concerned behaviors come under control with homeopathy , under the guidance of the prescribing physician the parents can discuss ways of reducing the dosage of conventional medication.

The Different Levels At Which Homeopathy Helps

Attention and Impulse Control

Homeopathic remedies such as Veratrum Alb, Stramonium, Hyoscymus are  remedies to have clinically shown much benefit in attention issues, impulse control and hyperactivity. Double Blind Clinical trials have shown the positive effects of  Homeopathy in ADD and ADHD.
The Information is available on   the website National Center for Biotechnology Information, Maryland. U.S.A

Emotions, Behavior, Self-Esteem

Depression, anxiety, oppositional defiance and low motivation  significantly affect a child’s availability for learning . Constant or recurrent negative behaviors  affect the school and home environment. Mood modulation is an issue for some
Behavioral techniques are safe and required. If they do not help, it becomes very difficult to teach the child. Conventional medication has side-effects and in most cases are expected to be given long-term.
Actifeds, antihistamines, anti-epileptics cause  drowsiness. Certain drugs like Ritalin and anti-epileptics can result in stomach upsets. Anti-epileptics though a necessary medication, at  increased levels aggravates the level of obstinacy  and irritability in the child.

Homeopathic remedies such as Argentum Nit and Aconite  reduce and  control anxiety in adults and children. Ignatia and Nat Mur help elevate low moods. Belladonna, Stramonium, Lycopodium help with anger management issues and one finds the child’s compliance improving in a natural way. Children tend to become more emotionally expressive during homeopathic treatment this makes the Psychologist’s or Evaluating Physician’s work easier.

My 9yr old gifted articulate client who came in for anger issues, on follow up  explained , “ I can now stop myself from over-reacting”. Before I could go from 1 to 60 in terms of anger. Now I can stop myself and evaluate – does the situation warrant the reaction …”

Recurrent irritability, emotional discomfort , mood swings ( once home, family and school  factors have been ruled out) can be due to non-obvious physical discomfort. Homeopathically when I’ve treated children for emotional or behavioral issues concurrently  recurrent conjunctivitis, rhinitis, tummy upsets , chronic  constipation  go away.
The mind and body are not separate and healing them together as a unit is where homeopathy triumphs.

Visual issues.

One of the processing blocks of learning is to observe and an ability to visually focus on what we need to see. Oversensitiveness results in distractibility and an inability to focus. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment has shown to help with visual sensitivities. Remedies also work effectively for very young children with lazy eye, Strabismus. Biochemic tissue salts are given to improve the tone of the muscles around the eyeball. In many cases operations have been avoided.

Auditory Issues

Listening and comprehending  is an integral part of  communication and learning.
Speech and language therapists who have worked with  the children before and continued to work with them during the  homeopathic treatment  often use  the phrase “auditory comprehension has improved”. Parents use the statements “I feel he/she understands me more” .
“ He turns around after the first or second time that I call him , Don’t have to call him 4 or 5 times like before”

Homeopathic remedies such as Aethusa, Kali Phos, Baryta carb  with short-term memory and recall.

Clinically, a child who has not  been’ listening’ may have   increased pressure in the ear drum or glue ear. Especially  common in recurrent  ear infections repeatedly treated by antibiotics. Homeopathic remedies Pulsatilla, Thuja, Ars alb help clear up the fluid in the ear. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment reduces the rate of recurrence of infections.

Motor Issues

Calc Phos, Calc Flour are Tissue salts that improve tone. Arnica is well-known for improving musculature and  stamina. These along with the antimiasmatic and constitutional homeopathic remedies   help gross motor skills.  Ruta, and Ledum work well for small muscles and joints. Hypericum helps enervation of joints and heals the nerves. Overall balance also improves.
Please remember Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy are an integral part of improving the motor skills. Homeopathy is an added advantage.


Children  may also have trouble with developing social competence. They have trouble recognizing, evaluating, and interpreting gestures and facial expressions.
Most children on Homeopathy become more amicable and enthusiastic about socializing. This may be a combination of less sensory and physical discomforts, more awareness and focus leading to  better self-confidence.

With this little homeopathic help it is easier for the therapist, teacher, parent to help the child learn and progress. The  learning curve improves and the child takes less time to learn new tasks. Recall is  better.  Most importantly homeopathy is completely natural, without side-effects. It helps balance and heal the body. The positive effects are long-lasting and there is no long-term dependency on medication. For more information, case studies and testimonials related o the above topic, please log on to

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‘It takes  a village to raise a child’   an ancient  african proverb

This is so true. It is team work. The therapists, teachers, parents, psychologists , physicians and homeopaths have to work together for the child to reach his/her optimal level of progress, health and happiness. Homeopathy is not a magic potion that will make specific learning issues disappear.  At the same time, addressing certain coexisting conditions with homeopathy will help the child progress much faster and in many cases improve  the entire family’s quality of daily life.
Much of the clinical research that I was doing in my practice in India stalled after I moved countries. In Hong Kong I have been able to gather anecdotal evidence in the form of case studies and testimonials from parents of kids living and studying here. All of my patients who have giving their testimonials are comfortable being contacted by persons who are genuinely interested.  . All names have been withheld for privacy purposes as they are real people with real lives.

Please note this article does not include information on the homeopathic healing of allergies, eczema and recurrent infections. Please search  http://www.sonalh.com for more information and case testimonials for the same

Copyright©- Please note all  information provided in the article about is based on Clinical work done by  Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas over the past 13yrs. No part of this article can be copied or reproduced without written permission from  the author.

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