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Liza had suffered from Sinusitis since 1988. By the time she came in for Homeopathic treatment in the fall of last year she had 5 operative procedures to clean out the sinuses. Allergy tests had been done and ruled out as a cause for her sinusitis. Smoke, cold air, pollution and air-conditioning triggered and aggravated her condition. Throbbing headaches and sore eyes were a constant part of her life.

She had tried and given up on antibiotics, nasal sprays, saline solutions and antihistamine. Sleep was unrefreshing as, on lying down, she had to rely on her mouth to breathe. She was plagued by headaches and nasal congestion all through out the year. Headaches were a weekly event. Painkillers a part of the weekly diet

She was started on a low potency of Thuja to combat the low chronic inflammation. On seeing her in 2 weeks, she reported that her headaches had virtually vanished and so had her mouth breathing. There had begun a dirty yellow discharge from her nose.  The prescription of Thuja was repeated.  A post nasal drip ensued which made her a bit nauseous but it was controllable. She had no headaches.  Sepia was given as a   constitutional remedy.

Later in the year Liza had a throat infection  which has treated with homeopathy. Early  March the sinusitis resurfaced with nasal congestion, headache and sneezing. This as taken care of with Ars alb , an acute homeopathy remedy for allergic rhinitis. At the end of this episode. Tuberculinum was given as an antimiasmatic. Liz continued to improve . All homeopathic remedies were stopped and she continues lead a healthy happy pain-free life.

Sinusitis can be acute and chronic. In acute situations there is much sneezing and discharge with a congestive discomfort around the eyes and forehead. Sinus headaches have a throbbing quality and in some people can trigger a migraine. In chronic  or sub-acute sinusitis. The lining or mucous membrane of the nose and sinuses remains in a form of passive congestion  which flares at the least stimuli. Sometimes there is a chronic infections in one or more of the sinuses that has not been dealt with. This was the situation in Liza’s case.

There are many conventional remedies for immediate relief. Homeopathy offers the tools to deal with acute, recurrent and chronic sinusitis . Homeopathy takes into consideration the individual symptom of the person and the specific symptoms of the sinusitis as explained in the remedies below

Aconite – a useful remedy for sudden acute attacks of sinusitis resulting from a sudden exposure to cold wind. A throbbing headache without nasal discharge to begin with, Profuse nasal discharge and cough follows in a few hours.

Allium Cepa – Sinusitis starts with itchy nose and profuse irritating nasal discharge. The person has to constantly rub the nose. Tears stream down the eyes due to the irritation.

Belladonna- Severe sudden inflammation. Maddening Headache. Throat red and sore. Nose block

Bryonia –  Nasal discharge with watery eyes. Headache aggravates with least movement. Person wants to lie still as even turning the head aggravates the headache. Tying a band around the head alleviates the pain.

Rhus tox  –  Sinusitis from cold damp weather. Nose stuffy. Thin yellow offensive discharge from the nose. Bodyache with sneezing and cough. Red rashes.

Gelsemium – Sinusitis from warm moist weather. Excoriating nasal discharge starts a few days after exposure to sudden cold air. Bodyache with headache. ‘Fluey’ feeling. Headache  with  heaviness around the eyes. Gelsemium is commonly indicated in Hong Kong with its humid summer climate and cold indoor climate

These are just a few of the remedies explained in a simple manner.For chronic and recurrent sinusitis Holistic Homeopathic treatment is preferred. On taking the complete homeopathic history the Homeopath prescribes a constitutional remedy specific to that persons needs.

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