Autism and OCD treated with Homeopathy – © Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 2000

Autism and OCD treated with Homeopathy

Most children that fall in the Autism Spectrum have some obsessions. When these obsessions exaggerate to a point where they interfere with regular work, school and home they must be treated.

Child NM age 5yrs was brought to the clinic on 6/10/2000. Initially a calm happy neat child had begun to be more and more obsessive about order. He would yell and cry if the bedcover had a crease on it (in any of the bedrooms). All footwear had to kept in order, even guests’ . The TV remote, the pots in the kitchen had to be placed in order. A little water on the kitchen floor and the child would scream until it was mopped. This compulsiveness had begun to spill over in school . He would enter class and the minute any of the other children began to move the furniture evenly slightly he would wail and would not stop until the chairs and tables were put back in perfect order. In one on one sessions he would be distracted trying to arrange stray strands of hair on the teachers face . NM was capable of one-word answers after much prompting . Non verbal communication was poor.

First Visit to the Clinic – 6/10/2000

NM walked in with his parents . He immediately began to arrange the files on my desk, the pen, and the phone. A few toy cars, which were lying on the table, he arranged in a row. Then he sat down. At this point he noticed that his parents were comfortably sitting in the armchairs with their arms on the armrest. He could not handle this -he went and physically moved their arms onto their lap. (this he continued through the session)
The Homoeopathic History was taken and the Appropriate Homoeopathic Constitutional Remedy was prescribed. The Patient was called for Follow up after 1 week

Second Visit to Clinic – 13/10/2000

NM walked in smiling and sat down. My table lay in a disarray . He reciprocated my greeting with a cheerful “Hello” and “Fine”. His mother sat down comfortably in the armchair . He noticed yet did not attempt to change her position in any way. NM did not attempt to rearrange the files, pens, books on my table. He gave one-word answers to questions asked, without prompt. Homoeopathy continued

Mother’s Telephonic Follow up 24/11/2000

NM’s Obsessive traits continue to Regress. His concentration has improved. Also when identifimg pictures from a picture book, concentrates and has more sustained Eye contact ( Before he would Glance and Look away). Has begun to watch TV. Sitting continuously engrossed for 10 minutes at a time (Before unaware of TV). NM has begun 2 word phrases ‘Give banana’ , ‘ Take bath’ . More aware of the environment.

Third Visit to the Clinic 2/12/2001

NM walked in cheerfully with mom. He did not rearrange anything on the disorderly desk. He noticed once again the toy cars kept on one side. He picked them up and began to ‘vroom’ the cars down the imaginary road. Appropriate pretend play! After he had finished playing with it, he arranged them neatly at the side. Mom says he is more social now. Sits and listens too for long periods of time. He has begun to laugh appropriately at physical comedy on TV. Non Verbal communication had improved.
In the next few months NM progressed to 4 word sentences. He remains a neat child. Happy, social. His Learning Curve has risen tremendously.

Important Note: During Homoeopathic Treatment . The First 2 weeks the child had no therapies due to Diwali Vacation. After which a constant timetable of Therapies was maintained as Pre-Vacation. As he was less distracted and more amenable to sitting and listening to the therapist were also able to help him at a more optimum level.

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