Homoeopathic treatment of a Child with Intractable Epilepsy – © Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 2002

Homoeopathic treatment of a Child with Intractable Epilepsy

11 yr old RS had her first convulsion at Age 6 months. Subsequent delay milestones led to the Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy with Autistic features. She is non-verbal. She was brought to the Clinic for Recurrent Upper Respiratory Tract infections and Recurrent Generalized Clonic Tonic Seizures and consequent Ill health, which had begun to interfere with her Therapies. At the time she was on a combination of Valproate and Frissium. The dose had been increased repeatedly over the last few years yet the convulsions never came under total control. Her mother was weary of another increase in the dosage of anti-epileptics as she had noticed that it made RS more sleepy, less compliant and more obstinate at home, school and during therapies.
RS walked into the clinic with unsteady gait. Her face was not expressive. A large lump on her right cheek. There was drooling. She kept shaking her legs when sitting in the chair. Mother reported excessive self-stimulatory behaviour in bed. RS had to be constantly busy. Repetitive tasks kept her occupied. She was uninterested in what was going on around her. At the time the frequency of the generalized epileptic seizures was 7- 10 times a week.

Homoeopathic Treatment started on 9.10.01
Follow up 16.01.01 – Generalized epileptic seizures 2 times in 10 days. Twice-mild seizures with a deep breath sound in sleep.
7.02.01 – 5 mild seizures in 21 days. Usually in sleep. (Note- antiepileptics continued in the same dosage as before start of homoeopathic treatment) No frothing at mouth during attack. Time period of seizure reduced from 1 minute to few seconds. Child has stopped mouth Breathing. Nose block less. Dental opinion for lump on right cheek suggests tooth decay. Lump has reduced in size without interference from the dentist.
14/2/01 1 minor convulsion. Gait has improved more confident in walking not reeling from side to side.

Summary of Follow up from 20/2/01 to 10/7/02
RS’s convulsion reduced in intensity and frequency and she has not had any convulsions in the last 6 months. Her readiness to therapy has increased. She does not get cold’s as often as before. The happy added progress has been that RS has begun to express emotions. As compared to the unexpressive face and the most usual behaviour of irritability, RS now shows Happiness, Sadness, Love (Hugs her mother)
At the clinic she greets me with a warm smile and the tall teenager insists on standing next to me with her arm on my shoulder watching with pleasant curiosity as I dispense the medicine. 2002.

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