Homeopathy For Teenage Problems

Homeopathy for Teenage Problems

‘I hate my parents! They want to send me to school even with my face covered in pimples. I look like a cauliflower! I wish I was never born.’ This rather strong statement was made by Millie, age 14yr, who had been suffering from severe acne, mood swings and insomnia over the past few months. Her mother Jo was aware of the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines, having brought her older daughter in for period cramps a year before. Dressed clumsily in an old T-shirt and jeans with messy hair Millie went on to explain how she always felt she wasn’t good enough – at school , at home, compared to her sister. Exam time and premenstrual was when her acne got worse.

A few doses of the Homeopathic remedy Natrum mur were prescribed, Millie blossomed. Each follow up visit a cheerful, happier person walked in. Her skin cleared up. She was more confident in her social relationships. She slept well and began to deal with the stress of growing up . This is a common with constitutional homeopathic treatment. As it is holistic, the remedy treats the body and the mind. As the acne cleared up it also healed at the level mind and emotion. Adolescence has some common health issues which are easily treated Homeopathically.

Acne is treated with Hepar Sulph , Berberis aquefolium , Rhus v. As Homeopathy is an individualistic science, the remedy is prescribed depending the particular signs and symptoms of the person. In cases of heavy bleeding or abnormally long periods appropriately chosen homeopathic remedies normalize the flow . Pulsatilla is a beautiful remedy for young girls with period pains and excessive flow . It balances the hormonal levels and regularizes the period . It reduces pre- menstrual headaches. Calcarea carb is the remedy of choice for overweight girls with delayed menses. It also checks excessive perspiration and also treats premenstrual headaches.

Cyclamen, Sanguinaria, Iris V are a few other remedies given during pre-menstrual migraines. To reduce the tendency for the headaches Constitutional Homeopathy treatment is given. This includes taking down the complete homeopathic history.

During their teenage years boys have a tendency to develop headaches esp if they have a tendency to nasal allergies or sinusitis. This is sometimes compounded by a common nasal issue called ‘ Deviated nasal septum or DNS’ This is a condition in which the nasal septum growing at a fast rate in these growing years tends to curve itself within the cavity of the nose. This reduces the airflow space in one or both nostrils. This physical issue along with swollen nasal mucosa and sometimes recurrent sinusitis can cause severe pounding headaches. Homeopathic constitutional treatment rids the body of allergies and treats the sinusitis helping the young person live a symptom-free life in spite of the DNS. Homeopathic Remedies for Teenage Problems

Sometimes , one of the first signs of puberty is an increase in perspiration and a change in body odour. This is due to an increase in androgen levels. . Homeopathically, Calcarea Phos is given to reduce excessive perspiration. It is also a tonic for the bones and soft tissue. Thuja is given when perspiration has a bad odour and a tendency to stain the clothes.
Silicea and Phosphorus deal with clammy perspiration of the hands and feet .

It is important, as informed adults, to keep a watch on the mental and emotional growth of the young person. The adult’s awareness in spotting low self-esteem, anxiety and poor body image, can prevent many a disaster. Confidence building activities, nutritional support and sport are a good combination for a healthy happy mind and body. Homeopathic remedies like the above mentioned Natrum Mur, Carcinosinum, Kali carb, Ambra Gresia calm the mind and alleviate mood swings. For educational issues- Kali Phos is given to help nervous system growth . It helps with concentration and calmness of the mind.
Aethusa is a good remedy to help deal with ‘examination funk’ it revives minds which are unfocussed due to hours of study. Constitutional Homeopathic remedies have been proven through double blind clinical trials to treat Attention deficit issues. It can also be used to treat developmental delay – intellectual and physical.

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Article Previously published in the Hong Kong Parent’s Journal 2008

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