All That Glitters… ‘ A List of Unhealthy Food Colorings in Everyday Food’

In an Era where the Human race wants everything perfect, a whole industry has risen on making consumer goods ‘perfect looking’ or ‘$ellable’. This includes eatables – the best looking apples, the yummiest cake, the deep red strawberry jam, the most scrumptious cupcakes, tasty cheeses.

How many of us pay attention to what goes into these products and how many of us know how they affect us and our children

Over the past 15 years in my homeopathic practice I have observed the effects of additives again and again. The child that has a wheezing attack a few hours after a bag of flavoured potato chips, the young teenager who would get hives after eating plum sauce, The young lady with mouth ulcers on trying a new color of toothpaste, the little boy who would spin and dance uncontrollably after 1/2 glass of cola, the little girl covered in bleeding eczema after scoffing down commercially available Chinese New Year cakes are all firmly imbedded in my mind. As a mother I have become even more vigilant about what my child eats and how it may affect him.

Having seen coughs, skin rashes, allergies, asthma, inattention accelerate with the consumption of processed foods and complacent grocery shopping and snacking , I expect myself and encourage my primary school child to hunt for healthy food at the supermarket. It’s becoming second nature for him to turn a packet over and read the ingredients label. Our little investigative shopping trips have lead to some interesting finds. Notably some’ Natural or Organic ‘ Products had additional ingredients not mentioned on the front of the pack (usually found in small print in an obscure area at the back, midline or crimp.) So called healthier Diet or ‘Lite’ foods, spreads which had more additives than the normal ‘non-diet’ versions .

Surprisingly, Children find it quite easy to remember some of the main E numbers that can give them a cough or make them itchy. I hope some day they will know the E numbers as they would the times table. For this generation loving parental guidance has to include informed investigative shopping and deciphering commercials.
I carry a list of unhealthy food colorings and preservatives with me when I go shopping. It’s easy for my boy to match the E’s and the known side-effects. As with most kids today he needs to see proof on why he should put away the flavored munchies and choose a healthier more wholesome alternative.

Below I have attached a printable version of the bad food coloring list. The unhealthy list of preservatives will follow soon.


Dr. Sonal

Printable List of Unhealthy Food Colours

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