Can Homeopathy Help My Disturbed Sleep?

Disturbed Sleep

After years of sleeping like a log, I’m now finding it difficult to sleep through the night. This is partly due to work pressures, which are stressing me out. These pressures will end in a couple of months. Can you recommend a short-term, natural solution to help me sleep better?

Homeopathic remedies take into consideration the characteristic symptoms of each patient. Along with the disturbed sleep patterns, appetite, bowel movements and other physical data are given importance while prescribing. Homeopathy has many individualized remedies for insomnia:

Calcarea is useful when thoughts crowd the mind preventing sleep, such as when the same disagreeable thought wakes a person as they try to fall asleep.

Coffea, a homeopathic remedy made from the coffee bean, addresses prolonged alertness that prevents sleep, especially due to excessive caffeine intake during the day.

Sleep disturbances after much mental strain, or after imbibing coffee or wine,are treated using Nux vomica. Persons requiring this remedy tend to be sleepy in the evening hours before bedtime but often stay up working quite late. Acidity,
nausea and vomiting are common associated ailments.

Bryonia is a wonderful remedy for sleeplessness from overwork, such as when the mind constantly dwells on work issues of the day, preventing sleep. Persons suffering from this sleep deficiency also have a tendency to irritability,
constipation and tension headaches. Besides the many efficient homeopathic remedies for insomnia, homeopaths
also value a healthy diet and appropriate exercise to keep the body and mind functioning in harmony. Disturbed Sleep
For long-term work pressures, lifestyle changes are important. If insomnia is associated with palpitations or weight loss, an
examination is recommended to unveil any possible hidden medical issues.

本來我每晚都能睡得很安穩。現在卻每晚輾轉反側,難以 成眠。部分原因來自工作壓力,令我緊張至無法入睡,可是 我知道這些壓力將在數個月內得到解決。現可否介紹一個短 期的自然治療方案,助我獲得較好的睡眠質素?
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