Relief of Symptoms in a Case of Facial Tics, Chronic Sinusitis and Depression

Mrs. G, age 43 years, came in with a history of facial muscle spasms and sinusitis. The spasms would start at her neck and pull down on her face and jaw. The tightness and accompanying pain would radiate to the occiput, neck and behind the eyes. Pre-menstrual, the spasms would increase in intensity. In spite of being on Epitril, a conventional anticonvulsant, there were visible contractions on her face during the interview. In addition to the neuralgia and tics, her chronic sinusitis had resulted in anosmia, a loss of smell. As a result of her nasal allergies she had undergone 3 surgeries for nasal polyp removal. A nasal spray to unblock her nose had become a nightly ritual.
The doctors had started her on Zoloft, an antidepressant as she had been going through a long-term stressful situation. The patient was sure that stress aggravated the facial tics. She was emotionally anxious and low. Her sleep was disturbed and restless. Apprehensive thoughts kept her awake.
In spite of the anticonvulsant the tics left her in such agony that she would take 2-3 painkillers daily to get through the day.
Homeopathic treatment began in December 2009. As pain was the primary concern at the time, we first began with the Homeopathic remedy Hypericum which is specific for neuralgia. This was followed by Agaricus M.

Over the next few months with substantial reduction in the pain she was able to wean herself off the daily anti-inflammatory tablets. The facial spasms would last for shorter periods of time. Intermittently she was treated for her sinusitis. Her husband happily reported that her snoring had reduced. The spasms and sinusitis began to resolve simultaneously. Her naturally cheerful personality was shining through more and more.

At a holistic level she was given the homeopathic remedy Ignatia. This remedy is indicated in long suffering grief. A silent misery wherein the situation cannot change hence one has to ‘grin and bear it’.

By April 2010, with an improvement in her tics, pain and anxiety she able to come off the antidepressants and anticonvulsants (under the guidance of her prescribing physician)

Over the next few months we continued to heal her respiratory system. On treating the chronic sinusitis her sinuses began to throw out all the mucus that was stored within via a nasal discharge. After the drainage, she had much relief. Her nose block and tightness over the eyebrows reduced. In November 2010 she stopped using her nightly nasal spray, Rhinocort. Within a few months Homeopathy was discontinued.

Mrs. G , returned to my practice August 2011. She needed some help with peri-menopausal symptoms. A few doses of appropriate homeopathic remedies indicated for her hot flashes and heavy bleeding harmonized her situation and she continues to progress into a healthy comfortable menopause. Contentedly, She continues to be pain and spasm free without medication, conventional or homeopathic.

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