Relief of Symptoms of Recurrent Coughs, Cold and Nose Allergies in a Teenager at Boarding School

” For 14 years, my son has been a fit and healthy child. He seldom fell ill and hardly needed visits to the doctors. However he started suffering from recurrent respiratory infections and high fever when he attended boarding school in England. He was treated by doctors in UK and HK for about a year. Despite various doses of antibiotics, decongestants and antihistamines, his sinuses were never clear and he had a constant cough. It was quite a worry. My friend recommended Dr. Sonal to me during the summer holidays. Dr. Sonal was very nice, very thorough in taking the medical history and examination. She immediately knew that it was due to underlying allergies. She put my son on homeopathic medicine. It was rather shocking to find out that the IgE level was 15 times more than normal! With the help of homeopathic medicine, anti-allergy bedding and change of diet eliminating dairy products, beef and egg, my son’s long standing respiratory problems have been resolved. He hadn’t been unwell for 5 months now. I am so grateful to Dr. Sonal. Thanks to her diagnosis and treatment, my son feels so much healthier, happier and have more energy now. His concentration has improved and as a result his grades have improved too.

S. Tam Hong Kong Feb 2012 ”

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