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Behavioural problems in children

The appropriately chosen Homeopathic remedy helps the child‘s concentration, sitting tolerance, harmonizes moods, sensitivities, reduces anxiety, irritability, and improves physical health. Without side-effects, homeopathy improves the overall wellbeing of the child. The remedies are quick acting and easy to administer. When individualized treatment is given through Homeopathic case taking and constitutional prescriptions, the improvement is long lasting. There is no long-term dependency on medication. In certain situations, homeopathy can also be given when on conventional medication. In 2005, the respected European Journal of Pediatrics published two studies: a clinical observation study followed by a randomized double-blind trial that concluded homeopathy has positive effects in children with Attention Problems.

Educational and Research Information on Homeopathy in Attention and Hyperactivity Issues


My thoughts and experience</em>

In the past 15 years I have been blessed to meet and help children with different types of issues around the world. A large part of the work, besides the usual Immunity and allergy issues, has been helping children with behavioural disorders. With the world as it is today, the expectations from children, the educational system and micro-parenting (which, as a parent, I tend to do too) a child’s life is not what it used to be. Many a time I remind myself that just 3 generations before me, it was completely normal to have children playing in the fields, climbing trees, jumping into lakes, swimming with their friends and just having fun, thinking least of their class work.

Times have changed and parents now feel the stress of parenting more than ever before. ‘Does my child sit still, does he give proper eye contact, does she share, why does he have angry outbursts.’ The list goes on and on. A couple of years ago reality struck when at the clinic I had to write a sick leave note to excuse a 9 month old from her classes!
More labels are added every year, new criteria to define normal from abnormal. A big advocate of early intervention, I do passionately believe that when a child is not at peer group level we must take all appropriate measures to help the child as early as possible. When I say ‘appropriate’ I mean time-tested, safe, non-invasive and clinically proven methods. Most people are unaware that Homeopathy over the past 200 yrs and especially in the 20 and 21st century has been through rigorous trials in different educational and medical institutions around the world with positive results. In the absence of funding from large multi-national pharmaceutical companies with a strong marketing motive, the results of homeopathic research are not easily publicized. For those interested, links are given in the Homeopathic research section of this website.
Besides the developmental and intellectual growth, we must also ensure that our children are happy and enthusiastically thriving. It is only natural for little children to be happy and want to impress their parents and peers. Certain levels of anxiety, frustration and mood swings are expected in the growing years. New situations, the inner craving to excel, the discomfort of not understanding something, all cause children to cry, fret and whine. Most, get over it quickly. When such behavior becomes pronounced; anxiety, irritability, sadness that are noticed to be repetitive, continuous or a hindrance to a daily happy life, it is time take action.

Homeopathy has many benefits in the treatment of behavioral and mood issues. It is safe, effective and without side-effects. The appropriate homeopathic medicine given by an experienced homeopath shows quick results. In the presence of a nurturing happy home and school environment the changes seen with homeopathy are long lasting.

A non –invasive, non-numbing medication, it helps the child be happier, calmer and more compliant for other interventions and behavioral therapies.

About the author

Dr. Sonal is practicing Homeopathy for the past 20 years. She is renowned for her result-oriented approach in treating behavioural issues in children. Dr. Sonal has been helping children from various schools in Hong Kong. Her forte includes treatments of attention issues, learning difficulties, sensory processing dysfunction, nose and skin allergies.
Dr. Sonal has a B.H.M.S degree from Bombay University and H.M.D from The British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. She is qualified in child guidance and parent counselling. Dr. Sonal is also trained in identifying possible learning disabilities from The Bangalore Children’s Hospital and has complemented it with a certificate course in paediatrics from Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Sonal trained with speech pathologists, occupational and sensory integration therapists to improve her understanding and communication with children. She was a key speaker at the ‘National Conference for Autism, India’ in 2005. She is registered with the Homeopathic Medical Council in India.

Behavioural problems in children

Behavioural problems in children

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