Homeopathic Treatment of Skin Rash in a Young Adult – a Testimonial

eczema cubital fossa

“在香港有不少人受到濕疹的困擾,我就是其中的一人,自出生就容易感到皮膚十分乾燥、痕癢、經常紅腫發炎,從發炎處甚至有液體流出,難以入睡,十分影響情緒,幾歲開始就一直接受西醫的治療,斷斷續續地使用類固醇藥膏,但情況反復,即使轉看中醫需時很久效果亦未如理想。在2011年由於濕疹嚴重發作,四出求醫,後來得到同事介紹Homeopathy 這療法,且在網上找到Dr. Sonal 的網頁,便想一試,在治療的過程中Homeopathy的療劑不但容易服用,且不如西藥般有副作用(如有睡意或疲倦),感覺身體在自我排毒、修復,加上Dr. Sonal教導我如果適當地做運動、補充鈣質、避開致敏原和留意環境與皮膚的關係,治療效果很好,約三個月全身的濕疹已康復九成,且身體都變得強壯健康。”
I.Y. Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

English Translation-

Many people in Hong Kong suffer from eczema and I am one of them. Since a young age my skin got very dry, itchy and sometimes inflamed with discharge. These symptoms greatly affected my sleep and moods. I have had treatments of different steroid creams from western doctors but the situation had not improved. I turned to Chinese herbalist but also see no improvement at all. In 2011, I had a particularly severe eczema attack. My colleague introduced me to Homeopathy treatment. I found Dr. Sonal on the Internet and started consulting her. Not only is the prescription easy to take, they have no side-effects as well (e.g. fatigue or drowsiness). I could feel my body detoxing and regenerating. Dr. Sonal also instructed me to do certain exercise, taking calcium supplements, avoiding certain allergy irritants and explained to me the effects of the environment on the skin. The result is excellent, 90% of the eczema has vanished and I feel healthy and stronger, and definitely happier.

I.Y. Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Miss I, is a young lady of 24. She had been managing the extensive dermatitis on her body since she was a toddler. Miss I has known environmental and food allergies. She had been avoiding the allergens without much improvement in her eczema. Within 3 months of constitutional Homeopathic treatment her arms are clear of dry skin. The leathery skin on her neck and scalp have soften to normal levels. Her face has also cleared. With the renewal of healthy skin comes a renewed enthusiasm for life.
Dr. Sonaleczema cubital fossa

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