Relief of Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis through Natural Homeopathy- a testimonial

I have suffered from nose allergy for the last 10 years. I tried every single allergy pill and spray available in the market. I have consulted allergy specialists in Hong Kong, Canada and the Philippines. I tried to observe the pattern of when and where it would happen but I couldn’t come up with a conclusion. The timing and frequency was so random and it would just happen anywhere, and in any country I would visit, indoors and outdoors.
I have also tried to consult a Chinese doctor and took some chinese medicine. Still with no success.

A few years back I watched a show in the German Channel, Deutsche Welle where they had a feature on Homeopathy. I found it interesting but did not pay much attention to it. I thought it made sense but I never thought about it as a cure for my allergic rhinitis. I did not know anyone who practiced Homeopathy. It was too non-conventional.

When I was doing an internet search for doctors in Hong Kong for my son, I came across Dr. Sonal’s name. I thought, to myself, oh, a homeopath. Why not give it a try, recalling the TV show I watched.

The first appointment with Dr. Sonal, she asked me a lot of questions about my life in general, my past, my habits, etc. From that first appointment she prescribed me the right homeopathic pills.
After my first consultation with her, I never had an allergic rhinitis attack. Even my husband, who is skeptic of non-conventional medicine, became a believer of Homeopathy.

Of course she is equipped with the right education and experience to diagnose, but more than that, I think she has the gift of intuition and perception. And that intuition comes from the genuine concern for the patient. Unlike other doctors who ask for your symptoms, prescribe a medicine and want you out of the room as quick as possible.

I am so glad I met Dr. Sonal.

Cecilia Morais

Tung Chung , Hong Kong May 2013

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