Quick Improvements in a Young Child with Attention and Socialization issues

與朋輩交流增加, 喜歡與同學一起玩耍。



學習動機及記憶力增强。能憶述幾天前做過的事情, 學習能力亦提升。


I would like to list out the major changes of my daughter after taking just 3 weeks of homeopathic treatment.


1. She becomes friendly and likes to play with classmates.


2. Speech improved, much intended to talk and express herself to family members rather than body gesture.


3. Less tension. Much calmer and less emotional swings. Less biting of finger-nails.


4. Better memory and learning intention.  She can remember the things that she has done in few days ago while we ask her.  She also showed better intention in learning, has better understanding for her works.


I am pleased to share my observation to you and wish more people will have better understanding on homeopathy

Best regards


Queenie C, Hong Kong 2013


( Queenie’s daughter age 5, a  High functioning child with a few features of ASD is improving well in time for her move, in a few months, to Primary school. Before starting Homeopathy, anxiety was a large challenge. For every routine therapy that she attended she would first need to go to the toilet for a bowel movement before she could settle into the therapy. With Homeopathic remedies this was one of the first symptoms that resolved. She now confidently embraces change of environment and settles quickly. This calmness and lack of panic helps her pay attention to her environment, therapy, recall and social needs- Dr. Sonal)

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