Our Decision To Not Give Ritalin And Treat With Homeopathy – A Mother’s Testimonial

Although we found it a difficult decision as parents not to follow up the recommendations of a child psychologist to put our son on Ritalin, we are now more than happy we embarked on homeopathy with the help and guidance of Dr. Sonal. Over the last year, the development and growth of our son has been spectacular! We feel that the treatment really supported our son to embark on this pathway of growth.

Step by step he has become more centered. He has rebuilt the social confidence he had lost.

Whilst a year ago he really struggled in school, his last school report mainly indicated meeting and even exceeding expectations!

Where medication might have given instant results by suppressing symptoms, we really wonder whether it could have catalyzed the same personal growth!

Lieke M, Sai Kung, Hong Kong 2013

( In 2012 Lieke’s son, a very intelligent affectionate child, had a diagnosis of ADHD with Executive Functioning Skill Issues. He was socially withdrawn from the stress of coping with these challenges –Dr. Sonal)

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