Child with Sensory Issues – A mother’s testimonial, International client

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I came to know about Dr. Sonal in March 2012. My son who has severe sensory issues was 10 and half years old and had suffered a major nervous breakdown. He was lost, his senses were not in sync with himself. He was just in a trance. I had stopped sending him to school. I contacted her through email from India. She suggested that when she sees new clients, she prefers to see them in person and again after one week to reevaluate.

 I took an appointment for May 2012 and flew down with my family. Before that I had to fill up his history and send it by email so that she knew about him before we arrived. She prescribed Homeopathic remedies and requested us to come back after a week. 

In a week’s time I could see my child awakening. His senses started coming back. It was like a new lease of life. On returning to Mumbai, every few weeks we have Skype sessions with her, wherein she listens to me and then talks to my son. I have been to Hong Kong twice post that and the remaining appointments are done through Skype. Interacting with Dr. Sonal on Skype is as good an experience as meeting her in person. Dr. Sonal is a very positive person and she understands her clients very well. She won’t give us false promises but knows exactly what works for them. It’s been 2 years and my son is attending school and doing well in his academics. We still have few ups and downs but we have come a long way and I have full faith in my Homeopath. She is an angel for me. Thank you Dr. Sonal am very grateful to you

Shraddha Dalal, Mumbai, India 2014


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