Are You Taking the Right Fish Oil?

Everyone knows the term ‘Omega Oils, Omega 3-6-9 or Fish oil Supplements’. Many take them. Few understand them.

‘Why? Which one? How much?’ These are pertinent questions. The type or combination of Omega oils you choose is important. If this is not appropriate, you will not see results.

Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are the most essential. In simplified terms DHA is a building block while EPA facilitates nerve signals moving forward. While Omega-6 and 9 are also important, they can be manufactured in the human body from other food while majority of the EPA/DHA has to come in through diet.

The correct dosage and type provides for optimal learning, reduces cancer risk, and reduces inflammation in the body (Inflammation is known to cause heart and other chronic disease). Technically, the cell membranes that have a high DHA content are stronger with less of a tendency to become inflamed or stay diseased.

This is comparable to the correct combination of material in building the wall of your home – having the ability to let in (and out) your family and groceries but keeping out the wind and the rain.

Lower omega-3 levels have been documented in children diagnosed ADD/ADHD and adults with mental health and performance disorders.

‘Omega’ Supplements – and other marketing ‘buzz’ words that sell

In practice, more often than not, clients are already on Omega supplementation when they see us. Very few are aware of additional agents they may be taking in those capsules. Always read the ingredients list (including the small print) before self-medicating. If unsure please check with a health professional who has a knowledge of different nutritional agents and your body type.

The Importance of Understanding Types of Omegas and the Interaction Between them

Omega 6 and 3s compete with each other to be absorbed and to integrate into the structure of the cell membrane. Modern diets are high in Omega-6s skewing the ratio of pro-inflammatory Omega 6 to the anti-inflammatory Omega-3s.

What else is in your Fish Oil Supplement?

Fish oil supplements commonly contain additional sugars, soy, miniscule probiotic strains for flavor, as bulking agents and marketing gimics respectively. People sensitive to soy, sugars and dairy can have adverse reactions. It is best to read the ingredients label judiciously and patiently explore unknown terms.

Avoid confusing Cod liver oil with an EPA/DHA fish oil. Vitamin A is found in high amounts in Cod liver oil and may not be required in a person with a healthy diet. High levels of Vitamin A can cause toxic symptoms.

Important times in your life when taking a Fish oil has huge benefits

Ensuring your body is enriched with DHA and EPA through a healthy diet is ideal. It is best to take good quality fish oil supplements during key stages of life:

  1. Pregnancy: EPA and DHA are taken up by the growing unborn child with a heavy uptake of DHA to the front of the foetal brain in the final trimester. Research shows that less availability at this time corresponds to the child’s delayed fine motor skills at 42 months and lower Verbal IQ at 8 years of age.
  2. Students of all ages trying to optimize learning or dealing with ADD, ADHD, literacy, memory and behaviour issues.
  3. Cancer survivors or those high risk for Cancer – Research shows that in Cells that are high in DHA, if they become cancerous: are identified faster and killed off quicker than if the cell was not high in DHA
  4. Families with a history of Coronary artery disease: Omega-3s protect from plaque ruptures that lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  5. Senior citizens: for protecting their cognitive health. High Omega-3 levels have shown to protect the nerves and reduce the tendency for amyloid plaques in the brain that lead to senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Please stay healthy naturally. Make informed choices.

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