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Pregnancy for today’s woman is a happy and challenging time. While juggling the responsibilities of family, work and older children; one’s own body and the new life growing inside must be given priority. We tend to expend our energy looking after those around us with little time left for ourselves. Homeopathic remedies, safe and gentle, work quickly in alleviating discomforts and harmonizing the body.

Dr. Sonal, strongly supports breast feeding and uses her homeopathic expertise to encourage breast health from the third trimester. Homeopathy is also efficient in preventing and reducing breast discomfort painful swelling and nipple cracks during early months of nursing.

Using the natural homeopathic alternative means that breast milk is not contaminated with chemicals or strong herbs and the mother can continue feeding the baby natural untainted breast milk.

At Maya Health Institute, simple natural whole-food nutrition is suggested for the pregnant/lactating mother and weaning baby, based on the individual body type and life situation. We believe that empowering a woman with the appropriate knowledge on natural foods has long lasting positive changes in the family’s well being, rather than using powdered food supplements.

Nutritional tuning, physical rest and emotional calmness are critical to a healthy pregnancy and easy childbirth. A balance of appropriate physical activity and sleep are essential in maintaining good circulation. Homeopathy supports emotional health and good sleep. For more information on Homeopathy in pregnancy please click here.

3 women who have experienced the effects of Homeopathy and nutritional therapy in their second and third pregnancies respectively offer their insight into how they benefited.


“I sought Dr Sonal assistance because of my pregnancy after my 40s . She gave me advise on having a healthy pregnancy journey and how to maximize my health and my baby health with her homeopathic remedies to reduce my morning sickness and leg swelling etc.

Apart from that, Dr Sonal advised me on my daily diet to promote my general well being like drinking coconut water to hydrate the body and reduced  body heat.

After our baby boy, Arden was born, since with our family history of allergy and eczema , he was  allergic to dairy .We then took him to see Dr Sonal right after we detected his skin problem . And now, by seeing Dr Sonal regularly and taking the homeopathic remedies and recommended supplements, his skin is in good condition and the mild eczema is under control too.

Dr Sonal teaches us how to encourage Arden to talk as well since he was around one and we are so glad to that by following her instructions, Arden , just turned 15 months, can name quite a number of objects already. 

After all, we are very rest assured that we can receive the best and professional care of Dr. Sonal.”

Elkey and Arden.

“我尋求Sonal醫生的幫助,因為我在40多歲懷孕了。她給我很多建議,教我如何 利用自然療法治療, 提升我和寶寶的健康,以減少我的早晨不適和腿腫脹等,令懷孕之旅變成樂事。除此之外,Sonal醫生也建議我的日常飲食,促進我健康,好像是喝椰子水來滋潤身體和減少體熱。在我們的男嬰Arden出生後,因為我們的家庭有敏感和濕疹的歷史,他對乳品過敏。我們發現他的皮膚問題後,便馬上帶他看Sonal醫生。現在,他定期看Sonal醫生,並採取自然療法和服用補充劑,他的皮膚狀況良好,濕疹也受到控制。 Sonal醫生教我們如何由Arden一歲便鼓勵他說話,我們很高興,通過遵循她的教導,Arden現在剛剛15個月,已經可以叫出很多不同物件的名稱。總之,我們非常放心,我們可以從Sonal醫生得到最好和專業護理。”

Elkey and Arden

“I first started seeing Dr. Sonal for my then 3 year old daughter who used to be constantly ill with coughs & colds and would end up with a round of antibiotics. Dr. Sonal really helped in stabilizing my daughter’s health. She is in kindergarten and still occasionally picks up germs,but I am glad she doesn’t have to go through strong medications. My daughter’s progress prompted me to consult with Dr. Sonal for my long term eczema issue and migraines. I have consulted many doctors in the past who only prescribed me with steroids for my skin and painkillers for my headache. Dr. Sonal was very patient and wanted to find out  the root cause of my problems. She got me to do a set of blood work and was able to identify the underlying issue. With proper diet and change of lifestyle, my health significantly improved. 
Early last year I was pregnant with my second baby and unlike my first I went through severe sickness.  It was a tough journey, but Dr. Sonal helped me manage my stress not just with homeopathic medicines and nutritional advice but with her ongoing guidance, she made me feel confident and at ease. I had a C-section in my delivery, Dr Sonal played a vital role in my quick healing with help of a recovery kit .
 I have a healthy little boy who eats sleeps and plays well. I have greatly benefited from the homeopathic remedies that have been prescribed and would highly recommend Dr. Sonal. I have great faith in both her and homeopathy. “

Sonia Thomas 

“I started seeing Dr. Sonal in 2013, and she had become my best friends in keeping me and my children happy and healthy since then. 

Dr. Sonal is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise yet she also cares about the mental health of her patients. After I gave birth to my third child, I had been extremely worried about my baby as his skin was often very dry and itching (despite how many times or how much moisturizer we applied on him), which then led to some sleeping problem.

While I brought my baby to see Dr. Sonal, she treated him with homeopathic remedies, at the same time, she noticed my emotional stress. This stress was also affecting my nursing time with the baby.

Dr. Sonal offered me the time, a long talk and got to the root of the problem. I would have not paid enough attention to my own needs if Dr. Sonal has not guided me.

I highly appreciate Dr. Sonal for all her patience and care for me and my family.”

Valerie Yeung

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong . Jan 2017

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