Interview with Wellness360 June 2018- Wellness Warrior

1) Can you explain what area of fitness/wellness/health you are in?

SHH: I’ve been in family practice for over 20 years, providing Natural Homeopathic and Nutritional Medicine Therapy to support all age groups. At Maya Health Institute, we support timely efficient relief of symptoms of diseases related to swelling ( inflammation), aches, allergies, skin rashes, attention issues and chronic recurrent sports injuries, to name a few. As the therapy is without chemicals and side-effects, it is favored by aware individuals who want to keep themselves healthy as naturally as possible.

2) What do you love about your job?

SHH: I love that I play a role in keeping families healthy, young, fit and happy. I love that my role supports improving their quality of daily living, moving away from recurrent illness or pain and the dependency on chemical medication. Through Homeopathic remedies, ‘practical’ whole food nutrition advice and counselling, I love empowering my clients with the ability to balance their health, study, work and lifestyle.

3) Do you have any Wellness or Health tips you would like to share with our readers?

Learn to listen to your body. It is the ‘sole irreplaceable vehicle’ in this life’s journey. Invest time, patience and planning in the smooth running of your ‘Chariot’.
• Getting older is inevitable, a blessed side-effect of living. Plan well for it.
Proactive minor alterations in eating, thinking and appropriate exercise from your 40’s and 50’s can keep your mind and body younger longer. The right diet and exercise individualized to your body type can reduce the risk of age-related and inheritable diseases such as Diabetes, High blood Pressure and Alzheimer’s.
• Check your Medical insurance cover. It may cover wellness through Homeopathy and Nutrition.
• Read and learn to understand the ingredient labels of food and health food supplements. Don’t fall for the marketing jargon on the front label.

4) Are there any Wellness products/services you cannot survive without, besides homeopathy remedies?

SHH: As a professional working mum, since I have a ‘doable’ healthy-eating and flexible exercise regime for my age and body type, I can get by with the basic daily add-ons of an appropriate good-quality Probiotic, Omega -3 oil with optimum DHA/EPA levels from a safe source and an added wholefood based Vitamin C with flavonoids during the flu season.

5) Can you give us a quote that sums you up? Something inspirational?

SHH: Experienced, Educated, Result-oriented and Trustworthy.
I believe in providing health services and advice as an empowerment to my clients, not in creating a dependency or fear. That is the reason my clients from all around the globe return when needed. They appreciate the honesty, up-to-date evidence-based and quality treatment.

Published online June2018

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