A Mother’s Testimonial: child initially diagnosed with Autism.

Dr Sonal is a great practitioner and has a fantastic insight and intuition when it comes to behavioural and nutritional issues in children. 

My son was diagnosed with autism a year ago, with no hope of recovery. We started him on a specific food diet, eliminating all food to which he was intolerant. His behaviour improved a bit. But then the real progress was made when Dr Sonal took care of him. We did all with skype. She talked to him via skype and told me immediately that she thought he was not autistic but very high potential(HP) with sensory integration issues and food intolerances. She mentioned that very HP children can be mistaken for autistic children as some symptoms are alike. 

She started on progressive homeopathic medication, which proved efficient very quickly. His focus is improving all the time, he was not able to sit in class for more than 10 minutes, now he can follow a class until breaktime. His writing was terrible, he was simply refusing to write or it was difficult to decipher. Now after 4 months of treatment, he can write a full page of essay, with nice writing and focus. 

He now has friends at school, which would have been impossible last year. He is following group classes of athletism, which again would have been unthinkable about a year ago. 

I now have silence at home when he is here, before he was making noises all the time with his throat and mouth (stereotypes). He is using his brain much more, his brain is now showing its potential as the anxiety and other issues have disappeared. He is a completely new boy and this is such a relief and a joy for the whole family. 

Dr Sonal not only treated him with homeopathy, she also advised on additional therapies which helped. As always, I felt that her diagnostic is very insightful, she deals with patients with a lot of kindness, and her treatment was extremely efficient. 

Our son is now out of autism, which we would never have believed a year ago. I thank Dr Sonal enormously for her great help. 

I.L. France  2021

Thank you to dear IL for her kind and honest views on her son’s improvement. The testimonial has not been edited to keep the integrity, respect and faith with which the mother has penned it.

A spectrum of developmental issues cant affect a child’s life. Many are interlinked and overlapping. Such is the case with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Giftedness. All can show repetitive behaviours, anxiety, inability to pay attention and be socially awkward. Each diagnosis can have features of the other.

When the child is young and before proper therapies are in place, it is unfair to give an airtight diagnosis. Most experienced developmental diagnosticians will work towards helping the child with obvious issues first rather than labelling him or her.

It is extremely unfair to the child and the parents to place a limit on abilities and potential at this early stage. This son is lucky that the mother did not give up based on the diagnostician’s harsh judgment but rather pursued the research and found therapists and doctors with experience to help him. Today he continues happily in a regular school . They have found he is above class standard for math and chess. We continue to help him with mild anxiety which is expected as he is different from most of his classmates. Different in a beautiful, special progressive way.


Dr. Sonal

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