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A few words by Dr. Sonal’s Patients

Young Adult With Special Needs

Homeopathic Treatment of A Young Adult With Special Needs – A Mother’s Testimonial

Dr. Sonal has been treating my teenaged special needs son for about 4 weeks and I can already see the difference in him. Usually he would talk to me about the same topics repeatedly but now I find that he talks about different topics which we have never discussed before. Everyday he will bring up […]

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Relief of Symptoms of Recurrent Coughs, Cold and Nose Allergies in a Teenager at Boarding School

” For 14 years, my son has been a fit and healthy child. He seldom fell ill and hardly needed visits to the doctors. However he started suffering from recurrent respiratory infections and high fever when he attended boarding school in England. He was treated by doctors in UK and HK for about a year. […]

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Relief of Symptoms in a Case of Facial Tics, Chronic Sinusitis and Depression

Mrs. G, age 43 years, came in with a history of facial muscle spasms and sinusitis. The spasms would start at her neck and pull down on her face and jaw. The tightness and accompanying pain would radiate to the occiput, neck and behind the eyes. Pre-menstrual, the spasms would increase in intensity. In spite […]

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Itchy or Attention Deficit – Mother’s testimonial

Report of A.F aged 3 yrs and 4 months It started with a phone call.. We had been away in the UK for three weeks and had been delayed a further week due to the volcanic ash situation, so A hadn’t been to school for one month.  During our final week we were staying in […]

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Homeopathic Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD – A Testimonial

When my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder & ADHD (mild) I decided to seek more natural gentle ways of helping him.  I came across Dr. Sonal and have never looked back.  In almost a year of being treated homeopathically, my son has gone from strength to strength. His school work has improved, his […]

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Homeopathic treatment of Primary School Child with ADHD- Mother’s testimonial ( 中文)

我兒子現在八歲,他於四歲時無法通過多間國際學校面試,我們帶他作了全面測試後,發現他有言語遲緩問題和有天生色盲。我和先生尋找了很多資訊和經由言語, 職能訓練治療師的幫助後,他在那些方面有很大的進步,但是我發現他的情緒非常不穩,這問題對他在學習上有很大的影響。我記得在未認識Dr. Sonal之前我每晚都擔心他明天會有好心情或壞心情,相對的,這也造成我相當大的壓力。於多年前朋友已跟我推薦過Dr. Sonal,但是我問過很多朋友,大家都不清楚這是何種治療方法。去年,他再次作了測試,他被診斷為ADHD,再加上小二老師給的壓力下,我決定只要他不需服西藥,我什麽方法都願意試,結果在Dr. Sonal的一年幫助下,他有的問題已得到非常大的改善,我們目前新作的報告已無ADHD名稱出現,但他再寫作上有較大的困難,所以現在再由這方面努力。經過這麽多年,我現在總算可以於下午出門辦事,而不用擔心他是否會為了不做回家功課而發脾氣。因為現在他已沒這問題了。我們非常慶幸我們認識了這位好醫師。 D. H ( Mother and Mandarin Teacher) Hong Kong I have an 8yr old son. At age 4 he failed all Intenational school interviews. On doing an assesment we found he had language issues and was colour blind. My husband and I did a lot of research and found a […]

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Relief of Recurrent Chest Allergies

I come from a family of Asthmatics and having had asthma since the age of 6 have spent many weeks each year as a child in hospital as a result of regular attacks. In the past I managed these attacks by conventional means of cortisone based medications, but having seen side-effects develop in my father […]

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About Dr Sonal’s Work Experience

  “I have known Dr. Sonal since the last 5 years as a Consultant Homeopath ‘par excellence’.  She has successfully treated a number of cases I have referred to her, including my family and myself. Her comprehensive approach towards her patients and her sound clinical acumen make her the successful consultant that she is today.” […]

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Throat Pain

Adult with Chronic tonsillitis – a testimonial

Already long time I felt that something was wrong with my throat. It was hurting and I felt with my tongue some strange spots there. The spots were really annoying. Tried to get rid of them. Unfortunately that did not happen. Sometimes the spots got off but after a while I got new ones. Because […]

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Healthy Tonsil after Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment of Enlarged tonsils – Testimonial

“My five-year old daughter used to suffer from severe throat infections almost 6 to 7 times in a year accompanied by high fever. Allopathic medicines whilst controlling a particular attack could not prevent the recurrence. The child was also a very poor eater. After commencing homeopathic treatment from Dr. Sonal the frequency and intensity of […]

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