Homeopathic Research

The reality that Homeopathy is now a much researched and clinically proven science is little known to the intellectual community around the world. One of the reasons that this information does not spread as quickly as with conventional drugs is because Homeopathy lacks the big budget marketing back up of Multinational Pharmaceutical companies. The Homeopathic Pharmaceutical companies are much smaller and have less lobbying capacity.
The second and more important point that actually sets Homeopathic research on a higher ground is that much of the scientific review and double blind clinical trials have been done in hospitals, post- graduate scientific institutions by doctors of conventional medicine and senior scientists along with homeopaths. Such medical clinical and scientific, educational settings are much more reliable and credible than the studies sponsored or done in-house by companies aiming at selling a product.

Upto 2009, 142 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in homeopathy have been reported. This represents research in 74 different medical conditions. Double blind clinical trials have been done for a number of conditions showing the efficacy of the homeopathy with tangible quantitative data. All the data collected is done with human trials and not animals.

In September 2002 a Comprehensive review was published by a team of senior scientists and medical professor from esteemed universities around the world. The advisory board included Professors, Scientists, Practicing medical professionals( Doctors). These Professionals are attached to teaching hospitals from the fields of Homotoxicology, Immunology, Medicine, Surgery, Physiology, Pharmacology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry and Neurology. The global team of reviewers are based out of New York, Chicago, Italy, Warsaw, Mexico City and the U.K.
This extensive paper overviews basic research in homeopathy, human clinical trials historical review of the main publications, scientific studies that prove the efficacy of homeopathy. Clinical trials for particular disorders has been studies extensively.

As recently as 2010, Michael Frass, MD – Professor of medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Department of Internal Medicine and Dana Ullman, Homeopath, published a paper reviewing the Homeopathic Research of the treatment of Respiratory Allergies.
This paper reviews the conceptual and historical links between homeopathic medicine and modern allergy desensitization treatment. Homeopathy has historically been associated with allergy treatment. This article reviews evidence from controlled trials for the use of homeopathy in respiratory allergies. Several clinical trials, many of which were published in “high impact” conventional medical journals, describe significant effects of homeopathic treatment in allergic patients. Most of these clinical studies have been deemed to be high quality trials, according to the three most commonly referenced meta-analyses of homeopathic research. The Information is available on this site.


The Homeopathic Research Institute in Europe continually provides information on the latest Homeopathic research


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