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Ritalin Avoided in ADHD with Asperger’s – A case study

Child AB, age 9 was brought to clinic after his very patient class teacher suggested that he may need medication to help him focus and stop disrupting class. She had done her best but it was not working. His thoughtful and well-informed  parents wanted to do everything natural first and avoid giving him any psychiatric […]

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Homeopathic treatment of Primary School Child with ADHD- Mother’s testimonial ( 中文)

我兒子現在八歲,他於四歲時無法通過多間國際學校面試,我們帶他作了全面測試後,發現他有言語遲緩問題和有天生色盲。我和先生尋找了很多資訊和經由言語, 職能訓練治療師的幫助後,他在那些方面有很大的進步,但是我發現他的情緒非常不穩,這問題對他在學習上有很大的影響。我記得在未認識Dr. Sonal之前我每晚都擔心他明天會有好心情或壞心情,相對的,這也造成我相當大的壓力。於多年前朋友已跟我推薦過Dr. Sonal,但是我問過很多朋友,大家都不清楚這是何種治療方法。去年,他再次作了測試,他被診斷為ADHD,再加上小二老師給的壓力下,我決定只要他不需服西藥,我什麽方法都願意試,結果在Dr. Sonal的一年幫助下,他有的問題已得到非常大的改善,我們目前新作的報告已無ADHD名稱出現,但他再寫作上有較大的困難,所以現在再由這方面努力。經過這麽多年,我現在總算可以於下午出門辦事,而不用擔心他是否會為了不做回家功課而發脾氣。因為現在他已沒這問題了。我們非常慶幸我們認識了這位好醫師。 D. H ( Mother and Mandarin Teacher) Hong Kong I have an 8yr old son. At age 4 he failed all Intenational school interviews. On doing an assesment we found he had language issues and was colour blind. My husband and I did a lot of research and found a […]

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Attention Deficit in a Young Child with Social Skill Issues – A testimonial

“I will always be indebted to Dr. Sonal for working with me to help my son overcome many impairments. He was diagnosed with AS and put on Ritalin for his hyperactivity & poor attention span – I was desperately looking for an alternative approach that would show results. Dr. Sonal was extremely open to new […]

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