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Are You Taking the Right Fish Oil?

Everyone knows the term ‘Omega Oils, Omega 3-6-9 or Fish oil Supplements’. Many take them. Few understand them. ‘Why? Which one? How much?’ These are pertinent questions. The type or combination of Omega oils you choose is important. If this is not appropriate, you will not see results. Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are the […]

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In the News : Playtimes June 2014

Playtimes Magazine, Hong Kong, June 2014 Issue

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Maya Health Institute, Central, Hong Kong – from 14th April 2014

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your  continual patronage over the last 17 years. It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of my new practice  from 14th April 2014 : MAYA HEALTH INSTITUTE Please visit https://mayahealthinstitute.com/ for more details

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