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In the News: Sassy Mama August 2014

  http://sassymamahk.com/my-itchy-baby-how-to-diagnose-and-treat-baby-eczema/ “Are you noticing red rashes or excessive baby acne on your little babe? It could very well be Atopic Dermatitis, or Baby Eczema, which is an itchy skin condition characterised by dry, rough skin on the scalp, chest, abdomen and limbs. It is usually an indication of a misguided, sensitive immune system overreacting to certain triggers in the food and […]

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Homeopathic Natural Relief of Symptoms of Skin Allergies and Cradle Cap in an Infant- a mother’s testimonial

I can’t thank Dr. Sonal enough for the help she has given my son since we first saw her, when he was around four months old and suffering from eczema and cradle cap.  I had to always put baby mittens and hats on my infant, as he would continually scratch himself until he bled on […]

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