Award for Best Clinical Research at The 10th Hong Kong Allergy Conference, Sept 2018

A panel of international judges have found Dr. Sonal’s research in Nutritional Medicine and Eczema worthy of the Best Research Poster (Clinical) at the 10th Hong Kong Allergy Convention held ...

Award for Nutritional Medicine Research in Eczema July 2018

Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas has been conferred the second place prize for her research poster presentation on ‘Vitamin D in Atopic Dermatitis ( Eczema 皮膚炎)’ at the ‘2nd Joint Scientific and ...

SCMP March 2015: Why childhood eczema should be treated holistically “Atopic dermatitis, or childhood eczema, affects 20 per cent of children in developed countries, and the incidence is rising steeply. Rashes on the cheeks and body cause relentless itching and chaffing ...


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In the news: Allergy Season; Southside Magazine March 2016

Southside Magazine March 2016 – Allergy Season As we move into allergy ...

In the News: Sassy Mama August 2014 “Are you noticing red rashes or excessive baby acne on ...

All That Glitters… ‘ A List of Unhealthy Food Colorings in Everyday Food’

In an Era where the Human race wants everything perfect, a whole ...

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A Mother’s Testimonial: child initially diagnosed with Autism.

A spectrum of developmental issues cant affect a child’s life. Many are interlinked and overlapping. Such is the case with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Giftedness. All can show repetitive behaviours, anxiety, inability to pay attention and be socially awkward. Each diagnosis can have features of the other.

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Testimonial: Online Homeopathic & Nutritional Support.

set up a call online and prescribed me medicine ……I am more than happy with the professional and efficient service provided.”
S.K. Bangkok, Thailand.

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Interview with Wellness360 June 2018- Wellness Warrior

1) Can you explain what area of fitness/wellness/health you are in? SHH: I’ve been in family practice for over 20 years, providing Natural Homeopathic and Nutritional Medicine Therapy to support all age groups. At Maya Health Institute, we support timely efficient relief of symptoms of diseases related to swelling ( inflammation), aches, allergies, skin rashes, […]

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Expert Panel Discussion on Holistic Wellbeing for School Children Hosted by Chinese International School, Hong Kong and CISPTA

Thank you to the PTA at CIS for the invitation, as speaker on Nutrition and Homeopathy for the panel discussion ‘Think Well, Feel Well, Be Well’. Special thanks to Michele Lai Mala Uttamchandani Andrew Lucerno Jane Chadwick and the other expert panelists: John Shanahan (Psychologist) and Damien Mouellic (Osteopath)

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Natural and Healthy Pregnancy Today

Pregnancy for today’s woman is a happy and challenging time. While juggling the responsibilities of family, work and older children; one’s own body and the new life growing inside must be given priority. We tend to expend our energy looking after those around us with little time left for ourselves. Homeopathic remedies, safe and gentle, […]

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In the news: Expat Living Feb/March 2017 – Alternative Approach

Alternative Approach Natural therapies abound in Hong Kong, but they all offer different approaches and benefits. We sat down with one of the city’s most popular homeopaths, DR SONAL HATTANGDI-HARIDAS of Maya Health Institute, to learn more about this 200- year-old practice. By BROOKE CHENOWORTH What is homeopathy and how do you implement it in […]

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Maya Health Institute, Central Hong Kong

About Dr. Sonal (Deutsche)

Das Hongkong Zentrum ‘Maya Health Institute’ fűr natűrliche homőopathische Heilmittel und ernāhrungsbedingte Behandlung wurde von der erfahrenen und niedergelassenen homöopathischen Ārztin, Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas, gegrűndet. Sie verfűgt űber fast zwei Jahrzehnte weltweite Erfahrung in zahlreichen Stādten, darunter auch 10 Jahre in Hongkong. Dr. Sonal ist bekannt fűr die natűrliche, homöopathische Behandlung fűr Hautprobleme, rezidivierende Infektionen […]

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Are You Taking the Right Fish Oil?

Everyone knows the term ‘Omega Oils, Omega 3-6-9 or Fish oil Supplements’. Many take them. Few understand them. ‘Why? Which one? How much?’ These are pertinent questions. The type or combination of Omega oils you choose is important. If this is not appropriate, you will not see results. Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are the […]

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About Dr. Sonal (Français)

Le Maya Health Institute, centre de nutrition et de traitement homéopathique naturel à Hong Kong, a été fondé par le Dr Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas, homéopathe expérimentée et agréée. Il cumule presque 20 ans d’expérience acquise à travers les plus grandes villes du monde, dont 10 ans à Hong Kong.

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About Dr. Sonal (繁体)

Maya Health Institute為香港順勢療法和營養治療中心,由經驗豐富的註冊順勢治療師 Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 創立。中心 在世界各地的城市累積了近二十年的經驗, 同時也植根香港十載。

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