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Sports injury

Natural Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries and Wounds

Getting back in shape for summer?

Now that it’s warmer and the extra..ehhmm, protection that we have built up over the winter is not required, it’s time to put on those sneakers and get to work. It’s important to remember that one needs to pace oneself when restarting an exercise program after months of hibernation. Routine perseverance shows results. We have to make sure we warm up our muscles at the start of the routine and again cool down with appropriate stretching . Homeopathy can help support your fitness program in various ways. Strengthening our muscles, tendons and ligaments with homeopathy is once way off supporting our exercise routine and healthy lifestyle.
Homeopathic Tissue Salts like Calcarea Phos and Calarea Flour are beneficial in maintaining the health of tendons and ligaments, more so if there is a history of a joint, tendon or ligament injury. Arnica , a favorite with athletes and mountaineers , in moderate doses can reduce the post exercise stiffness and discomfort.

Homeopathic injury remedies are an essential part of any Home Kit. These remedies are useful for sprains, strains and injuries. Homeopathic treatment of injuries does not require a high degree of individualizing of remedies. Injury remedies are given for very specific situations. When two people have sprained ankles, they each need a similar homeopathic remedy to heal them. On the other hand, two people suffering from arthritis generally require different remedies which are individualized to their unique pattern of symptoms. The remedies given below are specific for certain types of injuries. Please remember the details given below are for information purposes only and should not be consumed without professional guidance.

Arnica Montana- a well known Homeopathic medicine processed from a small daisy like flowering plant found on mountain slopes. It is used to treat sore muscles, bruises, and other conditions caused by overexertion or trauma. Homeopathic potentized Arnica reduces blood loss and pain when administered pre-operative and post operatively in dental and other surgeries, before and after childbirth. Arnica acts on muscle, artery, veins and tendons and can be taken before sports events to improve performance and reduce exhaustion. It is the first remedy to be thought of in any trauma. Sports injury

Arnica Ointment is used externally for bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, rheumatic pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling due to fractures. It reduces pain, inflammation and bruising. The ointment should not be used on open wounds.

Hypericum – known herbally as St. John’s wart . Better known in the treatment of moodiness and depression, when processed and potentized into a Homeopathic remedy, is valuable for pain relief. Especially beneficial for injuries to areas rich in nerve endings. Hypericum is used as analgesia of crushed fingers, puncture wounds (bites and from medical procedures), 1st and 2nd degree burns, tailbone injuries and root canal procedures.
Hypericum is indicated in spinal irritation, sticking pains, tearing pain, neurological pain such as Carpal Tunnel and Sciatica
Taken pre and postoperatively, Hypericum reduces back pain after spinal anaesthesia. This is extremely beneficial in pain relief after caesarian births as less pain means better chances of nursing the child.

Rhus Tox, another plant based remedy is invaluable in the treatment of fibrous tissue damage. All injuries involving ligaments and tendons from overstrain or pull. This remedy helps pain which is worse on first movement and better by continual movement. It reduces acute joint inflammation.

Bryonia alba is considered the chronic of Arnica. Useful in old injuries. It helps heal areas of past injury where there is chronic inflammation. Very effective clinically in healing joints where minor fibrous adhesions and effusions exist. This remedy provides unexpected relief in persons who have long suffered from an damaged tendons, bursitis and synovitis

Ledum palustre: injuries that lead to puffy swelling, especially when ice-packs or cold applications bring relief. Puncture wounds. Insect bites.

Symphytum, the Bone healer. This remedy is best known for its healing effect on broken bones. For obvious reasons it is taken along with conventional surgical procedures. Symphytum, It has a special affinity to the coverings of the bones (the periosteum). Given in low potency this remedy has avoided many a bone graft in slow healing fractures and non-union of especially small joints such as the little toe. For obvious reasons it is taken along with conventional surgical procedures

Calendula: Calendula can be taken internally, to prevent or combat infection if a cut or scrape becomes inflamed. Calendula can be applied directly to wounds as an ointment, lotion, or processed tincture. Calendula is an excellent remedy for effective and quick healing of lacerations and incisional wounds.

An experienced Homeopath can prescribe one or a combination of injury specific remedies to accelerate the healing process. The timely addition of the correct homeopathic remedy will hasten the healing process, assist in the healing of non healing wounds that have not, or only partially benefitted, from conventional antibiotics. The appropriate homeopathic will encourage union in fractures , repair periosteal and cartilage injuries.

In First aid situations, homeopathic medicine can be taken in conjunction with, not in replacement of, conventional first aid measures. When taking homeopathic medicines it is recommended to take as few doses as necessary but as many as are required when experiencing pain. At first when there is the greatest amount of pain and discomfort, you may need to take the remedy every hour. Usually after four doses, you can reduce the frequency to every other hour, and as the intensity of pain diminishes, taking a dose every four hours is common. For old and recurrent injuries, comprehensive homeopathic case taking and treatment are required for healing

‘Stay Safe Stay Healthy’

– Dr. Sonal Hattangdi Haridas

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