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All That Glitters… ‘ A List of Unhealthy Food Colorings in Everyday Food’

In an Era where the Human race wants everything perfect, a whole industry has risen on making consumer goods ‘perfect looking’ or ‘$ellable’. This includes eatables – the best looking apples, the yummiest cake, the deep red strawberry jam, the most scrumptious cupcakes, tasty cheeses. How many of us pay attention to what goes into […]

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Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchitis and Asthma – A Homeopathic Overview

Tosh, Tosh” went the puff into little Adrian’s mouth. A bit better, he sat on the bed hunched over too wheezy to lie down. It’s gonna’ a be a long night thought Dawn. “ Achuu, Achuu” went Hanna as she entered the room . “ Mom I can’t sleep my nose is blocked again can […]

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Relief of Recurrent Chest Allergies

I come from a family of Asthmatics and having had asthma since the age of 6 have spent many weeks each year as a child in hospital as a result of regular attacks. In the past I managed these attacks by conventional means of cortisone based medications, but having seen side-effects develop in my father […]

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