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Information and Testimonials on Dr. Sonal’s work

Rosie Duffield and Dr. Sonal , Interview on Radio about Homeopathic Medicine in Hong Kong

Radio Interview – Listen to Dr. Sonal’s interview on RTHK Radio-3

Listen to Rosie Duffield interview Dr. Sonal on The 123 show, RTHK Radio 3 at 2pm. HKT Today. Download ‘RTHK on the go’  App or  catch the playback here:  

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Natural and Healthy Pregnancy Today

Pregnancy for today’s woman is a happy and challenging time. While juggling the responsibilities of family, work and older children; one’s own body and the new life growing inside must be given priority. We tend to expend our energy looking after those around us with little time left for ourselves. Homeopathic remedies, safe and gentle, […]

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Maya Health Institute, Central Hong Kong

About Dr. Sonal (Deutsche)

Das Hongkong Zentrum ‘Maya Health Institute’ fűr natűrliche homőopathische Heilmittel und ernāhrungsbedingte Behandlung wurde von der erfahrenen und niedergelassenen homöopathischen Ārztin, Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas, gegrűndet. Sie verfűgt űber fast zwei Jahrzehnte weltweite Erfahrung in zahlreichen Stādten, darunter auch 10 Jahre in Hongkong. Dr. Sonal ist bekannt fűr die natűrliche, homöopathische Behandlung fűr Hautprobleme, rezidivierende Infektionen […]

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Natural Treatment of Headaches, Migraines & Allergy – a Mother’s Testimonial

Our 15-year old son complained about severe headache with temporary inability of a clear eyesight shortly after he started boarding school in the UK last year. Being that far away and being very worried, we met in Germany to see an ophthalmologist and neurologist who both diagnosed him with migraine and prescribed respective medications. As […]

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About Dr. Sonal (Français)

Le Maya Health Institute, centre de nutrition et de traitement homéopathique naturel à Hong Kong, a été fondé par le Dr Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas, homéopathe expérimentée et agréée. Il cumule presque 20 ans d’expérience acquise à travers les plus grandes villes du monde, dont 10 ans à Hong Kong.

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About Dr. Sonal (繁体)

Maya Health Institute為香港順勢療法和營養治療中心,由經驗豐富的註冊順勢治療師 Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 創立。中心 在世界各地的城市累積了近二十年的經驗, 同時也植根香港十載。

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About Dr. Sonal (简体)

Maya Health Institute为香港顺势疗法和营养治疗中心,由经验丰富的注册顺势治疗师Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 创立。Maya荟萃世界各地近二十年的医疗服务经验,植根香港长达10 年。

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Homeopathy and Nutrition for Children

HOMEOPATHY AND NUTRITION FOR CHILDREN A Talk Presented by Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas in aid of Kids4Kids, a Hong Kong based children’s charity which supports literacy, leadership and social awareness. Dr. Sonal’s talk focuses on the benefits of Natural Immune Support and the advantages of Homeopathic Therapeutics for children, discussing how homeopathic remedies can: Strengthen immunity […]

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Natural Therapies for Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema – A Mother’s Testimonial

I came to see Dr. Sonal, for natural homeopathic treatment for Atopic Dermatitis for my then 7 yr. old daughter when I was almost on the verge of giving up all hope. Exactly one year has passed now and I can’t thank her enough for the miracle she has done. My daughter had developed Atopic […]

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Recurrent cystitis treated by online consultation – A Testimonial

My young mother has been suffering from frequent and recurrent cystitis for the past 20 years, which greatly affected the quality of her life and her emotional state. This led to her constantly limiting herself in her food choices as certain foods aggravated the burning. When not at work, she would frequently choose to stay […]

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