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Natural and Healthy Pregnancy Today

Pregnancy for today’s woman is a happy and challenging time. While juggling the responsibilities of family, work and older children; one’s own body and the new life growing inside must be given priority. We tend to expend our energy looking after those around us with little time left for ourselves. Homeopathic remedies, safe and gentle, […]

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In the News: Playtimes Magazine – Homeopathic Help for Breast Health; November 2014 Issue

In the News: Playtimes Magazine – November 2014  “Whilst breastfeeding is the most nutritional sustenance for babies and infants, new mums often have to overcome the common hurdles of cracks, latching pain, engorgement, clogged ducts and mastitis. According to Dr. Sonal of Maya Health Institute, homeopathy can safely and effectively alleviate these unpleasant discomforts. She […]

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Healthy Pregnancy with Natural Homeopathy

Pregnancy 懷孕樂章 Issues treated with Natural Homeopathy

Happy, Healthy Pregnancy with Homeopathy Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. From the first bouts of nausea to the little flip-flops in your belly to hearing that first cry of life as the baby enters the world, our bodies and minds experience an array of sensations and emotions. Along with the good things, a […]

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