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Dr. Sonal Interview: Pearl TV July 2021

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Relief of Symptoms in a Case of Facial Tics, Chronic Sinusitis and Depression

Mrs. G, age 43 years, came in with a history of facial muscle spasms and sinusitis. The spasms would start at her neck and pull down on her face and jaw. The tightness and accompanying pain would radiate to the occiput, neck and behind the eyes. Pre-menstrual, the spasms would increase in intensity. In spite […]

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Disturbed Sleep

Can Homeopathy Help My Disturbed Sleep?

After years of sleeping like a log, I’m now finding it difficult to sleep through the night. This is partly due to work pressures, which are stressing me out. These pressures will end in a couple of months. Can you recommend a short-term, natural solution to help me sleep better? Homeopathic remedies take into consideration […]

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Homeopathy for Teenage Problems

Homeopathy For Teenage Problems

‘I hate my parents! They want to send me to school even with my face covered in pimples. I look like a cauliflower! I wish I was never born.’ This rather strong statement was made by Millie, age 14yr, who had been suffering from severe acne, mood swings and insomnia over the past few months. […]

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Healthy Pregnancy with Natural Homeopathy

Pregnancy 懷孕樂章 Issues treated with Natural Homeopathy

Happy, Healthy Pregnancy with Homeopathy Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. From the first bouts of nausea to the little flip-flops in your belly to hearing that first cry of life as the baby enters the world, our bodies and minds experience an array of sensations and emotions. Along with the good things, a […]

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pregnancy & pills

A Caesarian Birth: Natural Remedies to Heal

Please click on the link below. Article published in Hong Kong Parent’s Journal, 2009 Homeopathic Help for a Caesarian Delivery

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‘The Reality of Breastfeeding: one working mum’s experience’ by Toni Barker

An inspiring article by a busy corporate mum in Hong Kong, who returned to work when her babies were 3months old and breastfeed her babies till their 1st Birthday. One of my Heroes!

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