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Mold Alert Time – Homeopathy for Mold allergies

It’s that time of the year again in Hong Kong. The temperatures are dipping, it’s cold and wet. Relative humidity peaks at about 96-98%. Damp and cold, an environment ideal for Black mould or Stachybotrys chartarum to thrive in, indoors. Mold grows quickly in moist dark spaces. Favorite places include the back of non-varnished cabinets, […]

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Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchitis and Asthma – A Homeopathic Overview

Tosh, Tosh” went the puff into little Adrian’s mouth. A bit better, he sat on the bed hunched over too wheezy to lie down. It’s gonna’ a be a long night thought Dawn. “ Achuu, Achuu” went Hanna as she entered the room . “ Mom I can’t sleep my nose is blocked again can […]

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Attention Deficit in a Young Child with Social Skill Issues – A testimonial

“I will always be indebted to Dr. Sonal for working with me to help my son overcome many impairments. He was diagnosed with AS and put on Ritalin for his hyperactivity & poor attention span – I was desperately looking for an alternative approach that would show results. Dr. Sonal was extremely open to new […]

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