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Natural Treatment of Headaches, Migraines & Allergy – a Mother’s Testimonial

Our 15-year old son complained about severe headache with temporary inability of a clear eyesight shortly after he started boarding school in the UK last year. Being that far away and being very worried, we met in Germany to see an ophthalmologist and neurologist who both diagnosed him with migraine and prescribed respective medications. As […]

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Natural, holistic & homeopathic remedies for recurrent headaches & migraines

Headaches are common in the land of rigorous air-conditioning, high environmental humidity, pollution and dust-mite levels. Technology, continual computer work and stress add to the cocktail. Pain can be debilitating and affect daily life. More than half of the population have had worldwide headaches, with migraines making up 10% of the studies in the western […]

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Itchy Eyes? Stuffy Nose? Let’s help ourselves!


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Those September bugs…

Some tips to help those nasty sniffles and aches through September.

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Homeopathy for Teenage Problems

Homeopathy For Teenage Problems

‘I hate my parents! They want to send me to school even with my face covered in pimples. I look like a cauliflower! I wish I was never born.’ This rather strong statement was made by Millie, age 14yr, who had been suffering from severe acne, mood swings and insomnia over the past few months. […]

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Life Without Sinusitis

Liza had suffered from Sinusitis since 1988. By the time she came in for Homeopathic treatment in the fall of last year she had 5 operative procedures to clean out the sinuses. Allergy tests had been done and ruled out as a cause for her sinusitis. Smoke, cold air, pollution and air-conditioning triggered and aggravated […]

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