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Our decision to not give Ritalin and treat with Homeopathy – A Mother’s Testimonial

“Although we found it a difficult decision as parents, not to follow up the recommendations of a child psychologist to put our son on Ritalin, we are now more than happy we embarked on homeopathic treatment with the help and guidance of Dr. Sonal. Over the last year, the development and growth of our son […]

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A Case of Facial Tics, Chronic Sinusitis and Depression

Mrs. G, age 43 years, came in with a history of facial muscle spasms and sinusitis. The spasms would start at her neck and pull down on her face and jaw. The tightness and accompanying pain would radiate to the occiput, neck and behind the eyes. Pre-menstrual, the spasms would increase in intensity. In spite […]

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