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Breast Milk vs. Formula Milk. Why is the first a better choice for infant and mother’s health.

What does infant feeding have to do with immunity, allergy, development, Diabetes, heart health, breast cancer and getting back into pre-pregnancy shape? Please read this article to find out more.

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Interview with Wellness360 June 2018- Wellness Warrior

1) Can you explain what area of fitness/wellness/health you are in? SHH: I’ve been in family practice for over 20 years, providing Natural Homeopathic and Nutritional Medicine Therapy to support all age groups. At Maya Health Institute, we support timely efficient relief of symptoms of diseases related to swelling ( inflammation), aches, allergies, skin rashes, […]

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Are You Taking the Right Fish Oil?

Everyone knows the term ‘Omega Oils, Omega 3-6-9 or Fish oil Supplements’. Many take them. Few understand them. ‘Why? Which one? How much?’ These are pertinent questions. The type or combination of Omega oils you choose is important. If this is not appropriate, you will not see results. Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are the […]

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