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Natural Treatment of Headaches, Migraines & Allergy – a Mother’s Testimonial

Our 15-year old son complained about severe headache with temporary inability of a clear eyesight shortly after he started boarding school in the UK last year. Being that far away and being very worried, we met in Germany to see an ophthalmologist and neurologist who both diagnosed him with migraine and prescribed respective medications. As […]

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Young Adult With Special Needs

Homeopathic Treatment of A Young Adult With Special Needs – A Mother’s Testimonial

Dr. Sonal has been treating my teenaged special needs son for about 4 weeks and I can already see the difference in him. Usually he would talk to me about the same topics repeatedly but now I find that he talks about different topics which we have never discussed before. Everyday he will bring up […]

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A Case of Facial Tics, Chronic Sinusitis and Depression

Mrs. G, age 43 years, came in with a history of facial muscle spasms and sinusitis. The spasms would start at her neck and pull down on her face and jaw. The tightness and accompanying pain would radiate to the occiput, neck and behind the eyes. Pre-menstrual, the spasms would increase in intensity. In spite […]

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