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Quick Improvements in a Young Child with Attention and Socialization issues

與朋輩交流增加, 喜歡與同學一起玩耍。 語言能力改善,與人說話增多並多用説話表達自己,減少用動作表達。 稍為安靜及減少情緒波動。咬手指習慣減少。 學習動機及記憶力增强。能憶述幾天前做過的事情, 學習能力亦提升。   I would like to list out the major changes of my daughter after taking just 3 weeks of homeopathic treatment.   1. She becomes friendly and likes to play with classmates.   2. Speech improved, much intended to talk and express herself to family members rather than body […]

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Young Adult With Special Needs

Homeopathic Treatment of A Young Adult With Special Needs – A Mother’s Testimonial

Dr. Sonal has been treating my teenaged special needs son for about 4 weeks and I can already see the difference in him. Usually he would talk to me about the same topics repeatedly but now I find that he talks about different topics which we have never discussed before. Everyday he will bring up […]

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life in your hands

Early Intervention in Developmental Delay

Importance Of Early Intervention In Developmental Delay An Interview with Dr. VibhaKrishnamurthy,Developmental Paediatrician by Dr. Sonal R. Hattangdi-Haridas It is a situation that most parents prefer not to think about .Happy proud new parents elated at the birth of their little baby a few months before begin to notice lapses in the child’s development. Their […]

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Homeopathy Holds Promise For Autistic Children – Interview, Gulf News 2001

Autism and Homeopathy (Gulf News ) Gulf News (Bahrain) March 21, 2001 HOMEOPATHY HOLDS PROMISE FOR AUTISTIC CHILDREN An Indian doctor recommends homeopathy for autistic children as safe and effective treatment. But she warns: “Make sure the homoeopath has knowledge of autism and is open minded enough to share information with the children’s parents and […]

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Autism and OCD treated with Homeopathy – © Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 2000

Autism and OCD treated with Homeopathy Most children that fall in the Autism Spectrum have some obsessions. When these obsessions exaggerate to a point where they interfere with regular work, school and home they must be treated. Child NM age 5yrs was brought to the clinic on 6/10/2000. Initially a calm happy neat child had […]

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Homeopathic Help For Learning Issues. © Dr.Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas 2006

To progress well  in school, a child requires to  have a good level of health, healthy emotions, an ability to focus on a task a positive view of self and school supportive classroom and home environment. Weaknesses in the these areas , recurrent ill health, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, inability to focus, negative moods, all  […]

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Homeopathy For Children’s Issues – Invitation From Dr. Sonal

Homeopathy For Children’s Issues – Invitation From Dr. Sonal Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010 Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm Location: IMI, 17/Fl., Kailey Tower 16 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong Description ARE YOU AWARE THAT HOMEOPATHY IS A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN THERAPY FOR ADD? Hyperactivity, inattention, sensory issues, food sensitivities/allergies have increase tenfold in the student population […]

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Homeopathic Treatment for Sensory Issues and Hyperactivity in a Child with Autism

Dear Dr. Sonal, “First of all let me thank you for being sincerely involved in Rohan’s treatment. Rohan had autism and was a very hyperactive child with minimal speech since the age of 3 years. Rohan has built an excellent rapport with you in a year during which you have been giving him homeopathic medication. […]

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Homeopathic treatment for Hyperactivity in a child with Autism- Mother’s Testimonial

“My 7 yr. old son Bharat is an autistic child and also very hyperactive. Allopathic drugs were suggested to reduce his hyperactivity, but we were anxious about the infamous side-effects these drugs invariably have. On the other hand, Dr Sonal’s  homoeopathic pills have helped him ( and us) very much. If not miraculous, his hyperactivity has […]

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Homoeopathic Treatment of Young Adult with Autism

Nihar is a 20yr old young man, a skilled Hindustani Music artiste and an enthusiastic swimmer. Nihar was diagnosed Autistic at age 3 1/2. Years of Therapy, Hard and Smart work on behalf of his mother and teachers have brought him a long way. Nihar began Homoeopathic Treatment a year ago. These are the changes […]

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